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Press release: Marlow is now better protected from flooding

first_img The Environment Agency has worked with the local community, Buckinghamshire County Council and Marlow Town Council to deliver this £9.5 million scheme. It will better-protect the beautiful town of Marlow from flooding, not only from the Thames, but also from groundwater. There are real environmental benefits, too, with 18 hectares of habitat created and more than 300 trees and 10,000 shrubs planted. This scheme is part of the Environment Agency’s plan to reduce the risk of flooding for 300,000 homes between 2015 and 2021.” On 8 March 2019, the Environment Agency hosted an event with project partners and guests to demonstrate that the Marlow flood alleviation scheme is now in operation. Construction work was completed in autumn 2018.Guests at the event were shown how the flood risk to some 287 properties in Marlow has been reduced. They also saw how, should Marlow now suffer prolonged or heavy rainfall, as it has several times in recent years and before, the risk of flooding from the river and groundwater to these properties has been lowered.The Environment Agency worked with Buckinghamshire County Council and Marlow Town Council to deliver the £9.5 million scheme. The Environment Agency project team, including the contractors GBV, or GallifordTry and Black and Veatch, and consultants, were joined at the event by guests including the chief executive of the Environment Agency, Sir James Bevan, Dominic Grieve MP and representatives of the partners.Guests were shown around the site by the project team to see what has been constructed. They were also shown the planned interpretation boards that will be installed on the site for future visitors to see what the scheme has included to make Marlow less vulnerable to flooding.Sir James Bevan, Chief Executive of the Environment Agency, said The final phase of the scheme which includes reinstatement and planting work is continuing and will take place over the summer months.This scheme is part of the Environment Agency’s plan to reduce the risk of flooding from rivers, the sea, groundwater and surface water and from coastal erosion for a least 300,000 homes between 2015 and 2021. The Marlow scheme consists of new flood walls and embankments in the Gossmore Lane and Pound Lane areas of the town. It also includes a flood-storage area at Lower Pound Lane to replace the natural floodplain.Low lying areas of Marlow are also prone to flooding from groundwater travelling up through the gravels found below the ground. So the scheme also includes a pumping system which pumps groundwater back into the Thames reducing the risk of flooding.Modelling done by the Environment Agency shows that the scheme will benefit the 287 properties.last_img read more

Dean Ween Hates On Phish Fans At Lockn’ In New “AskDeaner” Rant

first_imgThe intersection between Phish and Ween has always been tense, but the latest post from Dean Ween puts everything on the table. Though Deaner has previously thanked Phish for introducing Ween to their fans via “Roses Are Free,” he had some less than savory comments to make about the band, their fans, and the Lockn’ Festival in a new post on his recently-revived forum website, talking about their upcoming hometown performance in Philadelphia, Deaner turns his sights on the whole Lockn’ situation. In the article, he mentions not knowing that the band was playing two nights, and rails on Phish, saying he wanted to “rupture their fans’ ear drums and harsh their ‘vibe.’” He continues, saying “I wanted to kill them [the fans] with our music and un-fuck their minds from their normal listening habits.” He also criticizes Phish for their lengthy stage set up, but claims he didn’t watch any of their show.You can read the full rant in the copied sections below:Now then, Lockn—Ween at a festival is something that leaves everyone half-hard—no one more than us. Ween for 75 mins, 90 mins, meh… When the sun is out? Forget it. I should be asleep still, and I usually am. Now all I knew about the Lockn Festival is that we were opening for Phish. I swear to god I had no idea it was 2 nights either. I was surprised to learn that one night we were headlining and the SECOND NIGHT we’d be opening for Phish. i’d be lying if i said that opening for Phish wasn’t a big deal. all i’ll say is that we really wanted to play our asses off in front of those guys, who we’re friendly with going back a long ways. call it friendly competition, but it exists with every band. read: i wanted to blow their fuckin’ asses off the stage and rupture their fans’ ear drums and harsh their “vibe”. so there it is. u happy now? i hate their fans, they hate Ween, and I wanted to kill them with our music and un-fuck their minds from their normal listening habits. that would be like trying to convince a gay man that he was really straight though. ok, i think i just crossed the line. don’t like phish fans, so next off…….. i mean I didn’t even know this shit til right when it was happening, the whole “headlining one night” and “opening for phish” the next. i thought it was one gig opening for Phish and that was it. not that it really matters because we prepare the same for every show. Any ideas that we made it “more brown” on one night than another is imagined. So we get there. The festival is different somehow than most—the stage rotates, the bands go right back to back on a spinning stage. in theory we coulda played medleys with the openers, and Phish, had they not needed 19 hours to set up. the first night we just played and played. it went really well. it was a new high for us at a festival. i felt like for the first time since the reunion we achieved at a festival what we do in clubs. it was fuckin’ rad. i left a lot of other of our fave tunes for the next night so we didn’t shoot our entire load on night one. The 2nd night rolls around quickly, we go out and deliver a measured ass whooping, but this crowd is somehow indifferent. they’ve taken a lot of shit from ween fans for many years, we are officially on the scale. we do in fact whoop their ass, but nothing compared to the first night when it was OUR crowd. basically they reacted to us like you would to any opening act when you’re waiting to see the headliner, who u follow around, altho i know we made many converts this night. and that’s how simple Lockn 2016 was for Ween. killed it both nights, but we were the opening band on the 2nd night. i could micro-analyze it but we came offstage feeling like we killed it and that’s how i measure a gig, on how we feel when it’s done. a 40 minute poopship destroyer wouldn’t have done anything but looked cool on paper. phish went on about 80 minutes after us—we didn’t watch them. i thought their long setup was a buzzkill from the vibe of the one-two punches of the other bands on the two days before they showed up, they brought EVERYTHING, production, lights, video, sound—it was excessive i thought.  we were too busy relaxing after 4 nights of gigs and being finally done. my favorite part was peter wolf from j. geils opening, we met before and he loves ween. he was the only dude at the festival i could relate to at all. like, the only motherfucker except the guys in my band that really understands rock and roll and is still doing it. a survivor, like me, and aaron, and claude, dave, and glenn.last_img read more

Ghostface Killah Co-Founded A Cryptocurrency Company, And Its Virtual Coins Are On-Sale Soon

first_imgGhostface Killah, one of the legendary rappers from the Wu-Tang Clan, announced a surprising new venture earlier in the week. While in 1993, Wu-Tang Clan rapped “Cash rules everything around me” in their classic song, “C.R.E.A.M.”, it looks like Ghostface now is looking to the future of financials with the recent announcement that he co-founded a cryptocurrency company—for those that are unfamiliar, cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency, frequently decentralized and anonymous, with the most famous example being Bitcoin—called Cream Capital.Human Dumpster Fire Martin Shkreli To Auction His One-Of-A-Kind Wu-Tang Album On EbayCream Capital is currently in the process of trying to raise $30 million dollars during its initial coin offering (ICO). In November, Cream Currency will begin to sell ICO “Cream Dividend” tokens, which will be able to be exchanged for Ether—the value token of the Ethereum blockchain, one of the highly secure, peer-to-peer records systems that track and secure cryptocurrencies. Ghostface Killah is just one of many well-known names that have begun to see the value, both literally and figuratively, in getting involved in crypto-venture—the rapper joins an ever-growing list of celebrities, such as Paris Hilton and Jamie Foxx, and large companies, such as Burger King, have begun to get involved in cryptocurrencies to some extent or another.Lettuce Rages Red Rocks With Ghostface Killah, George Porter Jr., John Scofield, And More [Photos/Videos]As Brett Westbrook, the chief executive at Cream Capital, told CNBC in an email, “I think the interest of celebrities is a bit of a double-edged sword. . . . I personally think that anything that puts cryptocurrencies in front of the eyes of everyday people is a great thing for the markets overall. On the other hand, I believe it’s important that celebrities know the importance of their endorsements and understand the underlying principles of blockchain technology. . . . The last thing we need is a household name promoting what turns out to be a scam ICO.”With Cream Capital, Ghostface will serve as the company’s Chief Branding Officer, with Westbrook noting to Pigeons & Planes, “His work capacity will be laying out a framework for which cryptocurrencies are more familiar to everyday people.” While Ghostface Killah himself has remained tight-lipped about this latest venture, Westbrook also elaborated on how Cream Capital came about, noting that Westbrook and Ghostface met during a Reddit AMA and that “Ghostface Killah is a longtime business partner of ours.”At its announcement, Cream Capital detailed that the digital coin standard that will be used to protect its new digital currency and noted that its virtual coins will be able to be added to debit cards so that it can be used in any place that takes card payments. Cream Capital is holding its token sale on November 11th, and for those curious, you can read this white paper that further explains Cream Cash.[H/T Rolling Stone]last_img read more

The return of Winthrop House

first_img Related House reopens after 15-month renewal project When students move back into a renovated Winthrop House this fall, they’ll find transformed spaces and modern amenities as well as design touches that celebrate the residence’s rich history.The neo-Georgian house with the riverfront view will accommodate more than 400 students when it opens for the 2017-18 academic year. Robert M. Beren Hall, the new addition to Winthrop with all-suites living, will be completed several months ahead of schedule, which means that Winthrop residents will return to the House in August.The new five-story building, named for Beren ’47, M.B.A. ’50, also will house social spaces, a high-tech seminar room, and a bright rooftop common space with sweeping views of the Charles River. Etched in the molding of the rooftop room are the famous words of Puritan leader John Winthrop: “We shall be as a city upon a hill, the eyes of all people are upon us.”On the Beren rooftop, Winthrop Faculty Deans Stephanie Robinson and Ron Sullivan survey the progress of the renewal. Jon Chase/Harvard Staff Photographer No loss of character in new-look Dunster In a statement, Winthrop Faculty Deans Ronald S. Sullivan Jr. and Stephanie Robinson said: “We are thrilled beyond belief that all of Winthrop will be returning home in the fall of 2017. It will be a wonderful celebration to have our entire community together under one Winthrop, something that we’ve never experienced before. We are extraordinarily grateful for the generous support of Robert M. Beren for helping to make this possible. We further wish to thank all of the people — especially the renewal team and the construction workers who have worked tirelessly to finish Winthrop ahead of schedule.”Nods to House history and to the students’ shared sense of belonging inspired the personalized touches that will be evident throughout the House. Gigi Kisela, a Winthrop House senior concentrating in visual and environmental studies, has worked on the project for the better part of the last year as design intern, helping Harvard’s Planning and Project Management Department and architects Beyer Blinder Belle research archives and design graphics for the space.The 22-year-old, who hails from Capetown, South Africa, began digging into the archives for artifacts and images illustrative of moments and people important to students. She found: a photo of the first Radcliffe women who were allowed to move into the House in 1970; a 1954 picture of the dining hall staff; an image of the coveted intermural football medal from 1934; and photos of John Winthrop’s descendant Emily Winthrop Miles and her paintings. These images, all found in the Harvard University Archives, Harvard Art Museums, and Harvard Library, will hang in a gallery along the connector to Standish Hall. Others, such as a graphic of a lion Kisela created for the Lion’s Den student lounge, will be featured in different rooms.John F. Kennedy ’40 studying in his Winthrop House suite. Courtesy of Harvard Archives“I was really trusted with the responsibility of thinking about what was important to us, and I tried to communicate that through the imagery,” Kisela said.Winthrop House began as Gore and Standish halls, freshman dorms built in 1914, and counts among its famous alumni President John F. Kennedy, actor and comedian B.J. Novak, and former U.S. Treasurer Rosa Gumataotao Rios. Architects and planners working on the renovation have also paid careful attention to the exterior. Among the highlights are a landscaped courtyard in front of Standish and the expanded terrace outside Gore. The updated timeline of the entire project will result in an anticipated $750,000 in savings, which will benefit overall House renewal.“Houses are at the heart of the student experience at Harvard,” said Michael D. Smith, Edgerley Family Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. “The spectacular renewal of Winthrop House represents, both inside and out, a truly 21st-century educational environment where our students will thrive today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.”SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSavelast_img read more

Senate holds elections for representatives

first_imgAfter the presentation and a brief series of committee reports, the Student Senators discussed CommUniversity Day. Breen-Phillips senator Erin Burke said she “had a really good experience” and found the event to be well organized. One detail that is changing is the involvement of new Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly.   Kelly will be present at The Shirt’s unveiling, which is set to take place April 23. “I think it’s going to be something the student body really likes,” Gigante said.In addition, Gigante also elaborated on a few minor details of the project, including the unchanged price and retailer.  The Student Senate also held elections for representatives on the Financial Management Board, Campus Life Council, Council of Representatives and the Judicial Council. Badin senator Ellen Carroll agreed, though she said the transportation situation could be improved. In addition to transportation, advertising was also expressed as a concern. Mick Mulhall, chairman of the Committee on Academic Affairs, discussed the limited advertising campaign. “I agree that it was discussed in small groups but being a new member in the student government club, I didn’t really hear about it until I joined,” Mulhall said. “[Kelly] took on the shirt as one of his pet projects,” Gigante said.center_img “Exclusively the deal is with the [Hammes Notre Dame] Bookstore,” Gigante said. “It’s $15. It won’t ever change.” Pangborn senator Tierney Roche and Keough senator Mark Paolano were elected to the Financial Management Board. Despite these minor criticisms, Paige Becker, chairman of the Oversight Committee, said CommUniversity Day was a success. Student Senate discussed CommUniversity Day and held elections for representatives to the Financial Management Board, Campus Life Council, Council of Representatives and the Judicial Council during its meeting Wednesday night.Before discussions, however, the Senate listened to a presentation by junior Chris Gigante, president of The Shirt Project.  Gigante expressed his enthusiasm for The Shirt 2010. Carroll senator John Sanders, Knott senator Alex Kasparie and O’Neill senator Mike Ryan were elected to the Campus Life Council. Fischer senator Dan McShea, Morrissey senator Michael Ferguson, Duncan senator Jack Healy, Walsh senator Hallie Brewster and Burke were elected to the Council of Representatives.last_img read more

Richford man arrested for attempted murder, fires at troopers

first_imgState Police say on Sept. 3 troopers patrolled to a residence on Light Road searching for Haines because he was involved in a dispute in the village of Spencer. Officials say the investigation led troopers to a location off State Route 96 in the town of Candor, and Haines surrendered in the early hours on Sept. 4. (WBNG) — New York State Police have charged a man after he fired a weapon in the direction of two state troopers. State Police found Haines at approximately 6:35 p.m. Haines fired a weapon in the direction of the troopers, then fled. No troopers were injured, they say. Haines was charged with attempted murder in the first degree. Officials say additional charges are pending. The New York State Police Special Operations Response Team, Tioga County Sheriff’s Department, Tompkins County Sheriff’s Department, the Department of Environmental Conservation and the Slaterville and Candor Fire Departments assisted. According to a news release, state police say it arrested 28-year-old James Haines of Richford.last_img read more

Three Croatian photos in the official calendar of the World Meteorological Organization for next year

first_imgThe World Meteorological Organization (WMO) on Tuesday announced the winners of the 2020 calendar elections. Among the winners were as many as 3 Croatian photographs, 14 of them in total. Fourteen winning photos were selected from a total of 75 photos, and the selection was based on the votes of voters and a special court of meteorologists and photographers who considered the geographical representation of photos and meteorological interest and relevance of the theme “World Meteorological Day 2020: Climate and water”. “Gone with the Bura”, Aleksandar Gospić In any case, this is a great promotion of Croatia through a calendar that will be viewed around the world. “Two Rainbows”, The calendar, which will be available on all continents, will also include photographs of “Gone with the Bura” by photographer Aleksandar Gospić taken in Ražanac, “Two Rainbows” by Miroslava Novak, photographed in the municipality of Pribislavec in Međimurje, and “Sunset Lenticular Clouds” by Danijel Thumbelina, filmed on Pag. “Sunset Lenticular Clouds”, Danijel Palčić It is interesting to note that among last year’s winners, as well as in the calendar itself, there were four Croatian photographers. This is how Croatian photographers won the most, reports HRT These three photos, in case the authors give their consent, can be in competition for the DHMZ calendar for 2020. Source / photo: Croatian Radio and Television; World Meteorological Organizationlast_img read more

Josip Pavić, HGK Wine Association: Croatia is one of the world’s wine superpowers, but we still have to brand ourselves as such

first_img“We have a large disparity between imports and exports and a large gray market problem which according to some estimates makes up more than 40 percent of our total market. We need to address this through the Wine Act. In the EU, the ratio of imports and exports from third countries is 1: 0,6, which is our goal”, He said, noting that we have a big marketing job ahead of us in the branding of Graševina because a significant part of the import of white wine comes under that name, and in essence it is not about that variety. “This is another operational problem that we will have to solve because we have quality. “, concluded Pavić.  The current president of the Association Gianfranco Kozlović he said they had overcome many challenges in the past, but that the key items they fought for, such as the recognizability of the regions, were eventually included in the Act. “The promotion of Croatian wines thus gains a new dimension. It is now up to the regions to organize and do the activities they need. I am convinced that both the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry will be at your service, and it is up to all of us to continue to fight for our interests.”, Said Kozlović. NEW WINE LAW ADOPTED: FOUR WINE REGIONS ESTABLISHED At the election session of the Wine Association of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, he was unanimously elected the new president Josip Pavić, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Erdut Vineyards. Related news: He noted that we produce from 70 to 90 million liters a year, and that the needs of the domestic market are about 100 million liters. “This means that we import a lot and we cannot be satisfied with that because our exports cover only 53 percent of imports. We export sparkling wine and quality wines of a higher price category, so this is somewhat encouraging. “, said Kovacevic, confirming that the problem of excessive imports will be one of the main goals of the Association. center_img Vice President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce for Agriculture and Tourism Dragan Kovacevic said at the opening of the session that the new Wine Act recognized the mosaic of Croatian wine regions. “Each of them has its own varietal and positional specifics, and especially the structure and capacity of vineyards. We are a trademark of the common brand Vina Croatia – vina mosaica under which our winemakers perform abroad. We believe that everything that happens in the future around the legislation must recognize these specifics and regions. And we at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce aimed to ensure that these regions, as well as key producers – export carriers, are represented in our Council. This is especially important in communication with institutions because we represent the interests of the entire Croatian wine sector”, Said Kovacevic.  Photo: Pavić spent his entire working life in IPK Osijek, which also included the Erdut winery, and for almost 30 years he also held high positions in the Osijek football club. Therefore, in his introductory speech, he drew an interesting parallel between football and winemaking.  “I believe that Croatia is one of the great football nations, along with Portugal, Spain, France, Italy or Germany. I also hold that we are a world wine superpower, but we have yet to market ourselves as such. We will fight for that within our brand Vina Croatia – vina mosaica “, pointed out Pavić, adding that in general we should continue to strengthen promotional activities through joint appearances in the country and in the world, because that is the most rational use of the funds we have at our disposal. He also stressed the importance of better cooperation between the wine sector and tourism and constant contact with the Ministry of Agriculture. last_img read more

Recovery play

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Intolerant group violently disbands traditional wedding ceremony in Surakarta

first_imgA traditional wedding ceremony in Surakarta, Central Java came to a violent end after alleged members of a local religious group reportedly disbanded it, leading to a scuffle involving several local police personnel.The group of people who broke up the ceremony, which took place at a private residence in Pasar Kliwon district on Saturday, purportedly claimed that the traditional procession had violated certain Islamic principles.As reported by, the perpetrators arrived at the ceremony at 4 p.m. and proceeded to cordon off the entrance to the residential area. Read also: Can Indonesia lead global war against religious intolerance? Scholars discusThe police escorted the wedding guests to safety during a lull when members of the group were performing maghrib (sunset prayer). However, the group finally noticed the evacuation and responded by physically attacking the guests, he said.At least three people were injured during the conflict, he said. The victims have since been treated at Indriati Solo Baru Hospital in Sukoharjo regency.“[The victims] sustained lacerations on their heads,” Andy said.He went on to say that he was also physically assaulted by the group, but did not sustain any serious injuries.“I was hit by [members of the group] when I was evacuating the victims. But I persisted and continued protecting the victims,” he said.In addition to physical assault, the group also reportedly vandalized private property in the surrounding vicinity including a minivan.The police are currently still investigating the case. (rfa)Topics : In a video that has since circulated on social media, members of the group could be heard shouting orders to disband the ceremony.Surakarta Police chief Sr. Comr. Andy Rifai said his office received reports of a disturbance at around 5 p.m on Saturday.“We received information that evening that an intolerant group had ambushed a private residence,” Andy said on Sunday.He said the situation became heated when police personnel were deployed to the scene at around 5:20 p.m. to negotiate with the group.last_img read more