first_imgThe Wii Vitality Sensor is, according to Wikipedia, a fingertip pulse oximeter. That’s fancy talk for saying it can analyze your pulse and blood oxygen saturation. Through that data a number of specific aspects of the way your body works can be monitored.It sounds cool, especially if Nintendo put their usual gaming twist on the results and apply it to a Mii character. But will we ever see it come to market?The Vitality Sensor was officially announced at E3 in 2009. Since then it’s always been a project in the background and never actually appeared at E3 2010. So is it dead, or just taking a while to perfect?In the Nintendo Analyst Meeting held on Tuesday Satoru Iwata explained why we hadn’t seen it on the market yet. Apparently it’s because the human biological information has a lot of big differences between each individual. That means it is difficult to get the sensor to work for everyone. In fact, he says it only works with 80% of people at the moment.Because of that, Nintendo don’t want to release it as they’d have a lot of unhappy gamers returning the device. Iwata won’t be happy until it works with 99% of people, but that’s going to be difficult to achieve.So the answer for the moment is: don’t expect to see the Vitality Sensor coming to market any time soon, but Nintendo is still working on it. With the Wii 2 now confirmed for a 2012 release we can definitely see the project getting canned or becoming a Wii 2 peripheral.Read more at Kotaku and the Nintendo Analyst Meeting Q&A (translated)last_img read more