first_imgThere’s not that many people in the world that can claim to have created their own programming language, and even fewer who’s language went on to be a major success and used on computers around the world. One of those individuals is Guido van Rossum.Guido created and released the Python programming language back in 1991. Since then it has only gained in popularity and currently sits 8th in the TIOBE index, which ranks languages by popularity. The organizations that use it include NASA, CERN, Yahoo!, and Google to name just a few. And it’s at Google where Guido has spent the last 7 years working, and spending half his time actually working on Python.Google and Guido seem like the perfect fit, but no longer. It has been announced today that Guido has left Google and will start work at Dropbox in January. It’s a surprising move, but one that fits for both Guido and Dropbox.Python is popular because it’s easy to learn, easy to read, and runs on everything. And it’s that last feature that made Dropbox CEO Drew Houston choose it as the language to build the Dropbox service on. So the creator of Python will be working at a company that relies on his language to function, as does anyone who used Dropbox.The announcement by Houston on the Dropbox Tech Blog doesn’t say specifically what Guido will be doing there. However, he does state both Guido and the Python community have already helped solve several “interesting challenges” related to Dropbox, so I assume Guido will become the resident problem solver and Python consultant.As for Guido’s departure from Google, he states they are still “the best of friends.”More at the Dropbox Tech Blog and Guido’s Google+last_img read more