first_imgSuper Mario Maker launches for the Wii U across Europe and North America this Friday, September 11. It’s one of the hottest games to hit the Wii U this year, and a limited edition of the title including an art book and 30th anniversary Mario Amiibo has encouraged a lot of pre-orders. However, pre-ordering the game through UK retailer GAME has ended in disaster.With the game being shipped out to reach our doormats on Friday, GAME started collecting the money for pre-orders yesterday. The problem is, a glitch in GAME’s system has seen individuals charged up to seven times even though they only pre-ordered one copy of the game. In a lot of cases this has seen bank accounts go overdrawn and bank fines triggered, costing customers even more money through no fault of their own.GAME is charging £33.99 ($52) for the Standard Edition or £46.99 ($72) for the Limited Edition. That means people are waking up to their bank accounts having had up to £328.93 ($500) taken. Ouch!GAME acknowledged there was a problem last night and apologized, but the multiple charges continued this morning. The only way to stop them is to cancel your pre-order, but by doing so you lose your copy of the game. If it’s the Limited Edition, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get it again. Presented with a choice of ongoing bank fines or ensuring a game arrives on Friday, many people will be forced to cancel their pre-order.For GAME, it’s generating a lot of negative PR, but they are also going to be facing claims for bank charges incurred because of this. They’ll have no choice but to pay all charges for their customers, and they need to do that quickly as well as issuing refunds ASAP.last_img read more