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Time change this week

first_imgIt is that time of year where we “Spring forward” and move our clocks ahead one hour.  Daylight Savings time makes its changes at 2 am this Sunday, March 8.last_img

Armando Sadiku: “I want to leave a mark here in Malaga”

first_imgWhen Sadiku scores, Malaga scores …I hope to continue like this in the 15 games that remain. We need points. It is true that with the quality of the team we should not be where we are right now, but we will give everything in these last games.Would you have signed when you got to score ten goals throughout the season?I have a lot of confidence in myself. My first goal was to play every game, to have many minutes, that I needed it after having suffered a major injury. This was my purpose, to play all matches and score goals. These ten goals are the result of all the work I have done and the whole team, which has helped me. I hope to continue like this and mark more.How many more?We will see. I want to score every game, but the most important thing is the team. It’s time to be ready when the opportunities come to me. From the heart I say that I would like to reach the playoff, I want to leave a mark here in Malaga. Let’s try until the end.Rondón and Sandro share the best scorer record in the Málaga League of Al Thani with 14 goals in one season. It has them within reach.I hope to continue scoring until the end.Quico Catalán, president of Levante, usually congratulates him every time he scores a goal.Sometimes yes. I have a good relationship with the president of the Levant, but not only with him, also with the sports management, with the teammates … I have to thank the president for trusting me. He renewed me for a year, gave me here and told me he was sure that I would do well. It has given me a chance and I am doing well. This is good for me and also for Levante. Can you say that Málaga has returned you to sports life?Of course. Insurance. And I’m going to continue giving everything in the field to help Malaga.With you and Keidi Bare, Málaga is the most Albanian team. Do you follow the team a lot in your country?It follows a lot. When I score a goal or Keidi plays very well they put the games on television and in the newspapers they write a lot and well about us. I am very happy about this too, that in our country they follow us both.Another Albanian, King Manaj, was just signed by Barcelona. It’s so good?If it is. I don’t know him much, we have played little together in the national team. But he is a boy who has a very good future ahead.Get to know Keidi Bare well, how is he carrying everything that is said about his possible transfer?He is very happy in Malaga. He likes to be here, is playing very well and has reached the national team. He is calm, he is very young, he is 22 years old and his entire career is ahead. He is the owner and almost a leader for us. We will see what happens at the end of the season, but it has a very good future.What memories do you have of the European Championship?These are memories that I carry with me for a lifetime. The European Championship changed my life. Before going to the European Championship I was the fourth forward and it was not clear that I entered the list. But I changed teams six months before, I went to Vaduz and there I played very well. I scored in the last three friendlies with the national team before the European Championship and started as a starter. I made the victory goal to Romania and there it changed my career for good. Then I continued to score goals with the national team and that allowed me to reach Levante.Ramadan coincides in MaySadiku is Muslim and the League final will coincide with the Ramadan. But the ram is convinced that it will not affect you: “I always try to do Ramadan until I can. It will start in ten weeks and we will be in the last four league games in May. With the power of God I can do it all“. About they hobbies, a film and series enthusiast confesses: “My favorites are Paper house Y Gladiator. I even have a tattoo of Gladiator in the back”.On Sunday it’s time to visit the leader. Can you beat him?Except for the games against Huesca and Elche, and the second half against Rayo, in the rest of the games we have dominated, we have had occasions … El Cádiz goes first, but we have shown that we can play well and win all the teams. This is a very difficult league. With a little luck you win several games in a row and you get on top.In March the FIFA Virus returns and Sadiku is a firm candidate to go with his team.If they summon me, I will go. Selection matches have been a problem this year with the few chips we have. But there is only one FIFA date left at the end of the season and I hope it doesn’t affect much.Good luck.Thank you. He has one year left with the Valencian club.That’s right, I have a contract until 2021. My assignment to Malaga is only for one year and does not include a purchase option. We could not include anything else given the problems the club has.If Malaga manages to overcome its problems, it remains in Second and wants to continue counting on Sadiku, will it have any chance?I would really like it. I’m fine here, my family is fine and we’ll see how things go at the end. There we will sit and talk.This January he has rejected an offer from Israeli football to stay here.My representative spoke with an Israeli club and I also received a good offer from an Arab country, but I was very clear that I did not want to leave. I want to end the season here. I came to play more than 30 games and reach the end with a good number of goals. I need it. In Malaga I am very happy, both me and my family.Sadiku is a striker who lives mostly in the area.I am a fixed center forward. I like being in the area, finishing off, reaching completion, I think I shoot well with both legs from outside the area … A striker depends on the team and the way they play. Here we need a fixed forward in the area.He also throws the penalties quite well.Penalties are a matter of trust.MARIANO POZO & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Sadiku poses for AS.MARIANO POZO (DAILY AS) The last two have been fought by you and Adrian.Adrián pulls the penalties very well too. We have a good relationship and let me throw to give me confidence. He has shown that he is a great captain, a leader, and I thank him. The next? The important thing is that we have more penalties in favor. Then, whether Adrian or I, the important thing is to score.The situation of the club is delicate, but the team is sticking its head.The costumes are formed by a very good group, we are very well. And in the field, too. We had some difficulties, a change of coach, but I hope we continue like this until the end. Have you noticed much the change from Victor to Pellicer?They are different. Pellicer wants a more direct football, to reach the finishing zone with few passes. With Victor we used more possession to try to generate clear occasions. In this they are different. Pellicer talks a lot, is close to the players, gives few instructions but speaks very clearly and this makes things easier.Have you been surprised by the irruption that Antoñín has had in the first team?He is a boy who is always happy in the locker room. It is very fast and that in today’s football is much demanded. He has integrated very quickly in the team, has scored goals and is helping us a lot.He has taken many turns before arriving at Malaga.I have 12 years of professional career and a great experience behind my back. In Switzerland I was six and a half years old and I am happy to be in Spain now. I hope to stay here for many years because I like the championship, I like the stadiums, the fans …last_img read more