first_imgThough the Ouya has been met with negative reviews that hailed the console as more of a beta product than a finished one, and though it only has around 100 games available for now, some people will find that the Ouya is about to get a little better. SugarDVD, which is essentially Netflix but for adult films, has announced that it is launching for the little Android console.Currently, SugarDVD offers a DVD-by-mail renting option, as well as streaming options for Roku, PS3, Android, and other devices and platforms. If you really dig a film, you can also purchase it through either a digital download or a DVD option.Ouya controls its own store, so it might be surprising to know that the company would’ve approved a Netlflix-for-porn. However, a SugarDVD spokesperson, Rebecca Bolen, explains how SugarDVD gets around the approval. In a somewhat sneaky movie, the SugarDVD app can be launched through a browser. It doesn’t actually run in a browser, so it is a dedicated app, but since it can be launched through a browser, it apparently doesn’t require approval from any developer. Since Ouya will have a web browser, SugarDVD’s app should run just fine. This is also how SugarDVD is able to get onto devices like the iPad, where Apple doesn’t allow adult-based apps on its store.Yes, if you have any sort of proclivity toward the internet, you might be wondering exactly why you’d pay for porn. You could just mosey on over to a number of sites, and stream to your libido’s content. However, if SugarDVD really is Netflix’s porn equivalent, then it should in theory provide that same breadth of choice and expansive library that Netflix offers compared to internet streaming sites, and without the worry of having to commit piracy.last_img read more