first_imgIf anyone reading this is old enough to remember when the first Zone of the Enders was released on PS2, you may also remember a lot of people didn’t buy it primarily to play Z.O.E. There was another reason to pick up that game on launch day–the small matter of a Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty demo it came with.Now Sony is repeating the same demo inclusion sales tactic by promising early access to a The Last of Us demo if you buy God of War: Ascension in March.Many gamers will be picking up the new God of War anyway because it’s such a popular series, so this is just icing on the cake for them. But the inclusion of a demo is sure to push a segment of the gaming market to purchase GoW that otherwise wouldn’t have, or at least would have waited for the price to drop.This isn’t as great an incentive to buy a game than the Z.O.E./MGS tie up, though. In that case there was almost a year between the demo and the final game shipping, so it really was worth the price of the other game. This time around God of War: Ascension ships on March 12 while The Last of Us arrives on May 7. So you’re not even going to be waiting 2 months to play the full game, and Naughty Dog hasn’t announced when the demo will be available to play. It could be just a couple of weeks before the game ships for all we know.If you’re that keen to play The Last of Us, but aren’t bothered about God of War: Ascension, may I suggest you put the cash towards picking up one of the two special launch editions of the game that bag you a range of extras and collectibles.via PlayStation.Bloglast_img read more