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Collin Police Officer

first_imgMust possess at least a Basic TCOLE peace officers licenseValid Texas Driver’s License with a driving record that meetsthe criteria established by CCPDOnce hired, must be able to pass Collin College PoliceDepartment’s field training programMust be able to maintain TCOLE Peace Officer’s licensethroughout employment as a Peace OfficerMust be able to pass Extensive Medical Screen/ Drug Testing/Psychological Exam/Polygraph Exam/Background Investigation Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: State, federal, local laws knowledgeCurrent legislation knowledgeBest practice knowledgeDistrict wide systems and organizational structureknowledgeDetailed knowledge of State statutes, Board of Trustee policiesand procedures, Police department, and Federal regulationsInteract with strong, positive interpersonal skillsExcellent verbal and written communicationsProvide quality control for the delivery of police departmentservices and documentationEnsure compliance with police department and College policies,orders, directives and guidelinesCritical in analysis of issuesSupportive of police department and College values, missionstatements, goals and objectivesInnovative, comprehensive and analytical thinkingEthical and honest in interactions with other and in theperformance of dutiesMicrosoft Office and the use of software programs designed forpolice department useProficiency in the use of firearms Twelve (12) earned college credit hours from an accreditedcollege or university with over five (5) years of continued policeofficer experience-if over 15 years the Chief of Police can waivethe college requirements;ORTwenty-four (24) earned college credit hours from an accreditedcollege or university with 2 years continued police officerexperience;ORTwelve (12) earned college credit hours from an accreditedcollege or university with two (2) years’ experience from theUnited States military service with an honorable discharge and withtwo (2) years of continued police officer experience;ORApplicant is an out of state peace officer transferring toTexas and determined by the Chief of Police to have sufficientprior service to meet college/university credit hours from abovecriteria. Patrol campus grounds and buildings, checking doors, windows,and gates to ensure that they are properly secured.Conduct preliminary criminal investigations, accident/injuryinvestigations and submit reports.Prepare criminal cases and present testimony in court.Make court appearances.Write a thorough and accurate report on every criminalcomplaint, accident, or other significant incident.Provide assistances to all students, faculty, and visitors, andresponds to calls for first aid and medical assists.Apply acquired expanded skills related to analytical,technical, or operational process.Apply experience and skills to complete assigned work withinown area of expertise.Work within clearly defined standard operating procedures andadheres to quality guidelines.Work under a moderate degree of supervision.Patrol campus to enforce laws and parking regulations.Provide security for special events, and information to thecampus community and general public.Conduct parking enforcement; write parking tickets, providedirections to park in designated areas.Conduct crime prevention programs and surveys for students,faculty and staff.Work closely with college administrators to reduce and mitigateconflicts.Perform other duties as assigned.Perform all duties and maintains all standards in accordancewith college policies, procedures and Core Values. Physical Demands and Working Conditions:Heavy Work – Exerting up to 100 pounds of force occasionally, up to50 pounds of force frequently, and/or up to 20 pounds of forceconstantly having to move objects. Positions in this classtypically include talking, hearing, seeing, grasping, standing,walking and repetitive motions, plus stooping, kneeling, crouching,and reaching. Incumbents may be subjected to moving mechanicalparts, odors, dusts, poor ventilation, chemicals, oils, extremetemperatures, inadequate lighting and intense noises, gases andworkspace restrictions. In addition, incumbents may be subjected tovibrations Frequent exposure to unpleasant environmental conditionsand/or hazards. Majority of work performed outside or with exposureto risk. Frequent physical effort required.Hiring Process:Physical Assessment – The physical assessment will take place afterapplicants have passed preliminary requirements and initialinterviews. The physical assessment consists of the followingcourse. Details can be obtained in the interview process.Obstacle Course – 200-yard run (with 2 barriers) Up and down stairsZig/zag run through cones Up/downs Dummy drag-6 feet (allapplicants will be shown exactly how to do each step of the coursebefore starting)**All applicants passing physical assessment will move forwardin the hiring process and will be notified by a backgroundinvestigator. Background must be passed before moving to next two(2) steps.**Written Exam via computer – The entrance exam is based on basicabilities to read, write, comprehension and solve basic mathproblems. You must have a passing score of 70% and this will beconducted before the Advanced Oral Board.Advanced Oral Board – The Advanced Oral Board consists of role playexercises, five (5) interview questions, and a presentation.***This is a Security Sensitive position. Therefore candidateswill be subject to a criminal background check.***Employment Type: Full-time StaffCompensation Type: AnnualCompensation Range: $48,668.00 – 55,968.00For any employment questions, please contact HR at (972) 985-3783or [email protected] .Collin College provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) toall employees and applicants for employment without regard to race,color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability orgenetics. The intent of this job description is to provide arepresentative summary of the types of duties and responsibilitiesthat will be required of the positions given this title and shallnot be construed as a declaration of the specific duties andresponsibilities of any particular position. Employees may berequested to perform job-related tasks other than thosespecifically presented in this description. Fair Labor StandardsAct (exempt/non-exempt) is designated by position. The employeractively supports Americans with Disabilities Act and will considerreasonable accommodations.Required Qualifications:Applicants must qualify with ONE of the following: Licenses and Certifications: Collin Police OfficerLocation:Multiple Campus Locations, Multiple Campus LocationsFarmersville, Texas, 75442United StatesWe are searching for an experienced Collin Police Officer.Job Purpose:This is the non-supervisory, entry-level position for TexasCommission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) sworn law enforcementofficers, who will ensure the safety and welfare of all students,faculty, staff and visitors, maintain peace and order whileenforcing college rules, regulations, state and federal laws, andprovide law enforcement protection and related services for CollinCollege. This is an essential position and will be required to workovertime or respond when summoned due to an emergency as determinedby the College.This job carries with it the obligation to uphold the Mission ofCollin College in carrying out the duties of the position. Acommitment to professional communication, integrity, leadership,respect and accountability to Collin College students and employeesis essential while also illustrating commitment through the CoreValues of Collin College.Essential Duties and Responsibilities:last_img read more


first_imgOBAMA SILENT ON VIOLENT, POST-ELECTION PROTESTSBy Rick JensenWhy does President Obama refuse to condemn violent protesters?On CBS’s “60 Minutes,” Leslie Stahl asked President-elect Trump to address the violence.“When we interviewed him on Friday afternoon Mr. Trump said he had not heard about some of the acts of violence that are popping up in his name… or against his supporters,” Stahl reported., “Nor he said had he heard about reports of racial slurs and personal threats against African Americans, Latinos and gays by some of his supporters.”Here’s the back-and-fourth Stahl had with Trump:Donald Trump: “I am very surprised to hear that– I hate to hear that, I mean I hate to hear that—-”Lesley Stahl: “But you do hear it?”Donald Trump: “I don’t hear it—-I saw, I saw one or two instances…”Lesley Stahl: “On social media?”Donald Trump: “But I think it’s a very small amount. Again, I think it’s—-”Lesley Stahl: “Do you want to say anything to those people?”Donald Trump: “I would say don’t do it, that’s terrible, ’cause I’m gonna bring this country together.”Lesley Stahl: “They’re harassing Latinos, Muslims—-”Donald Trump: “I am so saddened to hear that. And I say, “Stop it.” If it– if it helps. I will say this, and I will say right to the cameras: Stop it.”Yes, president-elect Trump looked directly into the camera and said, “Stop it.”Not the most eloquent language to engage people, and he did it nonetheless.The very next day, Monday, November 14, President Obama addressed the nation on cable, broadcast TV and radio.His first press conference since the election was casual with the friendly crowd of reporters, waxing along rather vaguely about issues domestic and international.What he did not do was address the violent protesters.Why not?After all, protesters burning cars and looting stores are reacting to President Obama being replaced by someone who frightens them (at least the ones who are not being paid to do so).These are, ostensibly, his people. They would not be rioting if he were elected to a third term, no matter that hypothetical concept’s lack of constitutional authority.Some people suspect Obama wants the protests to continue; to create more fear and dissent towards a Trump presidency.I really don’t know and cannot understand why he refuses to show such leadership.Now, it’s unlikely they will stop, especially those who are paid by left-wing organizations to keep the protests and violence going.The Washington Times reported …. “The far-left ANSWER Coalition and Socialist Alternative rushed to organize protest marches in major U.S. cities within hours of Mr. Trump’s presidential victory Tuesday, as did MoveOn.org, which has reportedly received funding from Mr. Soros, a billionaire.”Republican Kellyanne Conway, who smashed the “glass ceiling” as the first woman to manage a successful presidential campaign, is calling upon Hillary Clinton and President Obama to publicly address the protesters, asking them for calm.People, mostly Republicans in the Trump campaign, have publicly asked him to make such a plea.Is it possible that President Obama is so privately angry at Trump’s win that he doesn’t care what the protesters do?This is the irrational part.This is still your country, Mr. President.Why not speak to them?It would be helpful for the country if President Obama would address the protesters and ask them to do so respectfully without violence.Thanks to Wikileaks, we all know for a fact that radical leftist groups whose leaders say they were paid by the DNC and Hillary campaign instigated the violence at Trump rallies.Now, with evidence these new violent protests are also funded by leftwing groups, it makes even more sense for the liberal President to speak directly to them.He had another opportunity on Thursday, November 17, and chose to encourage protesters to keep protesting without admonishing violent leftists to do so lawfully.Silence is consent.#EpicFailFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more