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French courts refuse to accept a complaint against the president of Burkina Faso

first_imgNews October 11, 2001 – Updated on January 20, 2016 French courts refuse to accept a complaint against the president of Burkina Faso Receive email alerts News Two Spanish journalists killed in eastern Burkina Faso French reporter says he has been kidnapped in northeastern Mali Burkina FasoAfrica RSF_en News Follow the news on Burkina Faso Organisation center_img Reporters sans frontières (Reportes without Borders; RSF) has acknowledged the decision of the French prosecutor’s office to dismiss their complaint, with no action taken, against the president of Burkina Faso, Blaise Compaoré. RSF is surprised by this decision, since the accusations against Mr. Compaoré are very serious and his responsibility is possible. The acts of torture that led to the death of David Ouédraogo were not the result of overzealous officers nor a simple blunder by the police; they were carried out by members of the presidential guard, under the direct responsibility of the head of state.RSF points out that the ordinance issued by magistrate Vandermeersch, on 6 November 1998 in the case against Augusto Pinochet, specifies that, with respect to torture, “such criminal acts cannot be considered a normal part of the functions of a head of state, and one of his responsibilities is specifically to ensure the protection of his citizens.”In addition, RSF is surprised by the hesitancy of the French courts. Evolutions in international law demand that no difference be made between a head of state in function and one in retirement, and torture is an international crime that should be universally punished.RSF has decided to file a civil suit against president Blaise Compaoré, This suit was filed on 12 October 2001 with the senior magistrate. RSF asks that, given the urgency of this situation, the prosecutor’s office immediately begin an investigation into this matter so a decision can be made by a magistrate before the departure of president Blaise Compaoré. Time is pressing, 20 years after Burkinabe journalist’s murder June 7, 2021 Find out more Burkina FasoAfrica Help by sharing this information May 5, 2021 Find out more News April 27, 2021 Find out more to go furtherlast_img read more

A plan to stop cholera’s spread

first_img <a href=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSghXBWuFcE” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”> <img src=”https://img.youtube.com/vi/bSghXBWuFcE/0.jpg” alt=”0″ title=”How To Choose The Correct Channel Type For Your Video Content ” /> </a> Cholera, which is caused by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae, has been plaguing humans for millennia, with likely descriptions of it as far back as A.D. 40, Mekalanos said. The battle against cholera gave rise to epidemiology, which traces its roots to an 1854 London outbreak and physician John Snow’s tracking the ailment to an infected water pump, whose handle city officials eventually removed.Though a rarity in the developed world, cholera remains a scourge in developing nations. It infects an estimated 3 million to 5 million annually and kills 100,000, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Cholera, which causes vomiting and massive diarrhea, is easily treatable by modern medical science, but still deadly in places far removed from health care.In addition, cholera appears to be getting more deadly, Mekalanos said. A new strain appeared in the 1960s and has slowly spread around the world. Another strain appeared in the 1990s and has begun spreading beyond its Asian birthplace. These two strains make up almost all the cholera in the world today, Mekalanos said.Cholera is spread in water contaminated by disease-containing feces, which explains its absence in developed nations, with their advanced water and sewage treatment facilities. The disease is found in developing nations with poor sanitation. Once a person ingests a cholera bacterium, it multiplies in the intestines, releases cholera toxin, and then gets flushed out by the resulting diarrhea to infect new hosts.Though there had been periodic cholera epidemics in the past, the New World had been cholera-free for about 100 years until 1991, when an epidemic began in Peru.After the outbreak began in Haiti, Mekalanos began testing samples from Haiti and comparing them with samples in Peru and Bangladesh. He found that the Haitian strain was much more closely related to the Bangladesh strain, indicating it originated in Asia. A 2012 comparison with cholera strains from Nepal found an even closer match, supporting the contention that the bacteria arrived with Nepali peacekeepers near the outbreak site.Mekalanos said little is known about cholera’s seasonality and about what happens once it enters the environment. Research shows that some viruses prey on the bacteria while it is in the water, with the virus numbers negatively correlated to those of the cholera bacteria, rising as cholera is falling. That raises the possibility of an environmental control of the disease while it is in the water supply.“I’m humbled by how little we know [about cholera] in an ecological setting,” Mekalanos said.The Water Lecture Series at Radcliffe continues with “Wetter Weather? Water on a Changing Planet,” 5 p.m., Nov. 5,  in the Sheerr Room, Fay House, 10 Garden St. Featured speaker is Daniel Schrag. On Dec. 3, the series will include Joan Ruderman discussing “Hormonally Active Pollutants: What Are They, What Can They Do, and How Do We Know They’re Out There?” More information A Harvard medical specialist suggested Monday that relief workers and peacekeepers from cholera-endemic countries should be treated with antibiotics before they serve in other nations, to avoid repeating the Haitian epidemic that has killed thousands.Haiti had been cholera-free for 100 years before the devastating earthquake struck near Port-au-Prince in January 2010. The disaster brought relief workers and United Nations’ peacekeepers from around the world. The cholera epidemic began 10 months after the quake, with the bacterium possibly brought in by a Nepali peacekeeper. The outbreak has so far killed 7,000 and sickened 600,000 in Haiti, with 20,000 more cases in the nearby Dominican Republic.“The most likely conclusion is cholera was introduced in Haiti by a human,” said John Mekalanos, Lehman Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics and head of Harvard Medical School’s Department of Microbiology and Immunobiology.Mekalanos delivered his comments at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study’s Fay House in a talk called “River Monster: The Epidemiology, Ecology, and Pathobiology of Cholera,” part of the institute’s water lecture series.last_img read more

FAB Patrols Amazon Airspace

first_imgBy Kaiser David Konrad, Diálogo September 21, 2018 Equipped with A-29 Super Tucano aircraft since 2005, the Brazilian Air Force’s (FAB, in Portuguese), First Squadron, Third Aviation Group (1º/3º GAV, in Portuguese), known as the Scorpion Squadron and headquartered at Boa Vista Air Force Base, stood out in several aerial operations. The unit carries out air defense missions, destroys clandestine airstrips, and conducts border patrol, visual reconnaissance, and ground attack operations. In 22 years, its pilots logged more than 75,000 flight hours. Service members deployed to Boa Vista’s Seventh Wing face difficult tasks. Brazil’s borders serve as main transit routes for drug traffickers and smugglers, while its airspace is often breached to transport illegal goods, such as drugs and weapons. “Brazil’s dry border extends across approximately17,000 kilometers. The integrated work between FAB and intelligence agencies is essential to help us avoid the illegal entry of drugs into the country via air,” FAB Lieutenant General Ricardo Cesar Mangrich, chief of Aerospace Operation Command’s (COMAE, in Portuguese) General Staff, told Diálogo. Real mission or simulation FAB seeks to shield Brazil’s airspace and prevent entry to illegal aircraft involved in transnational narcotrafficking. The Seventh Wing’s mission is to protect the northern borders of the country. As the alarm goes off at 1º/3º GAV’s hangar, pilots rush to A-29 Super Tucano aircraft. After take-off, they initiate contact with air defense controllers from the Fourth Military Air Operations Center (COpM, in Portuguese), headquartered in Manaus, Amazonas, who guide them to the target aircraft to execute the defense operation. Only when in flight are pilots informed of the nature of the mission and whether it is real or simulated. Near the Guyana border, pilots reach long-range reconnaissance and covert surveillance positions—two airspace control techniques. They check the target aircraft’s data, such as serial number and model, and whether it carries weapons or sensors in case the aircraft is military. The patrol jet then positions itself parallel and at a safe distance to the left of the suspect aircraft to establish communication with the pilot and prompt radio frequency change to 121.5—the international emergency frequency—by displaying the numbers against the cockpit’s window. The FAB pilot warns via radio that entry into the national territory was not authorized. During the interrogation, the FAB pilot verifies origin, destination, cargo, and number of passengers, but also attempts to determine the objectives of the suspect aircraft and forwards the information to the controller. Under COMAE’s supervision, COpM analyzes the information to decide on actions against the suspect aircraft, meeting Air Defense requirements. The goal is to persuade the aircraft to follow orders from FAB’s patrol jet. In the mission with Diálogo’s participation, a C-98B Grand Caravan, from the Seventh Air Transport Squadron, took on the role of a suspicious aircraft. The aircraft was ordered to change route for a mandatory landing in Boa Vista—two authorized control measures under Brazilian law. Patrol jets monitored the aircraft until it landed, as directed, in Boa Vista. FAB’s A-29 Super Tucano aircraft are equipped with modern technology with excellent capacity for use and maintenance of situational awareness. Aircraft carrying out these types of missions must be refurbished frequently to keep readiness and operability at the highest level. The Amazon and its peculiarities Flying in the Amazon includes covering great distances with complex logistics support under an aggressive climate. Flight plans must be detailed since support airstrips are far apart. Flights over the jungle are long-range; trees can be as tall as 40 meters. In the event of an emergency landing or ejection, rescue teams would take longer to arrive and face a complex environment in which to operate. “For a fighter pilot, serving in the Amazon is a challenge and a learning process. Due to the peculiarities of the Amazon environment, such as the distance to big cities, the often hostile environment, and logistics impaired by reduced means, pilots learn to be cautious in their decisions, without letting go of the warrior spirit that characterizes a fighter pilot,” said FAB Lieutenant Colonel Ricardo Bevilaqua Mendes, commander of the Scorpion Squadron. “We carry the nation’s armed wing to corners unknown to most Brazilians. We represent the state.”last_img read more

Military study: Flu shot yields less illness than mist

first_imgMar 2, 2009 (CIDRAP News) – In one of the largest head-to-head studies comparing two different seasonal flu vaccines in a healthy, adult population, those who received trivalent inactivated vaccine (TIV) had fewer medical visits for respiratory illnesses compared to those who received the live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV).The difference between the injected TIV vaccine and the nasal-spray LAIV vaccine, however, was not as great for those who hadn’t been vaccinated in the past season or two.The study, which was posted ahead of print and will appear in the Mar 4 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), was conducted in military personnel who were stationed in the United States during three flu seasons, from 2004 through 2007.Since 2004, the Department of Defense has increased its use of LAIV—FluMist, made by MedImmune—because it is easier to use and is typically available earlier in the season, according to the report. The surveillance study was conducted to guide military vaccine policy.For each of the three flu seasons, the investigators from the Armed Forces Surveillance Center in Silver Spring, Md., measured the incidence of healthcare visits for pneumonia and influenza-like illness among just over 1 million active-duty service members between the ages of 17 and 49 who were eligible to receive the vaccine. They used data from the Defense Medical Surveillance System, which contains demographic information, occupational history, immunization status, and medical encounters throughout each soldier’s military career.The percentage of military personnel who received LAIV rose each year from 33.5% during the 2004-05 season to 47.9% in the 2006-07 season.Service members who had no record of immunization for each of the seasons were considered unimmunized. To reduce bias between the immunized and unimmunized groups, the researchers matched each immunized service member with an unimmunized member who had a similar age, sex, service branch, and basic medical history.The researchers found that the unimmunized group had the highest rates of pneumonia and influenza healthcare encounters for each of the three seasons, followed by the LAIV group then the TIV group.When the study’s authors singled out hospitalizations for pneumonia and influenza, they found that rates were highest in the LAIV group for each of the three seasons, though the difference was significant from unimmunized group only during the 2004-05 season.Results differ for vaccine-naiveHowever, they found that the LAIV and TIV effects were similar in vaccine-naive service members—those who had not been immunized in the previous one or two seasons.”This suggests that preexisting vaccine-induced immunity may play a role in determining the effectiveness of LAIV,” the authors wrote, suggesting that the presence of neutralizing antibodies may blunt the self-replication needed for LAIV immunization to be effective. The same factors might be able to predict a better effect for LAIV in different populations such as young recruits and children, they added.They cautioned readers to keep in mind that the system they used to minimize bias wasn’t able to eliminate important confounders such as smoking. They also wrote that vaccination status could have been recorded incorrectly in the database for some of the service members, though an assessment of anthrax vaccine data showed that the vaccine data collection was solid.Though the findings suggest that TIV may be more effective than LAIV in a highly- immunized population such active-duty military, they warned that the results may not be generalizable to the entire US adult population.Chris Ambrose, MD, director of medical affairs for MedImmune, the maker of FluMist, told CIDRAP News that efficacy findings in adults have been variable and that more data are needed. The idea that preexisting vaccine-based immunity may influence LAIV effectiveness in adults in their 20s and 30s is theoretical, he said.More retrospective studies that can further limit bias between groups would be useful, he said, adding that even before the military service study was published, MedImmune had already discussed the possibility of studying the vaccine issues in a large health maintenance organization (HMO) setting. “This is an area we’ve agreed on,” he said.However, Ambrose said the company has no evidence that casts doubt on LAIV efficacy in children. “The pediatric data have been very consistent,” he said.Effect on recommendations unclearIn an editorial that appears in the same issue of JAMA, David M. Weinstock, MD, an oncologist from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston and Gianna Zuccotti, MD, an infectious disease specialist from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, wrote that, given concerns about oseltamivir (Tamiflu) resistance in H1N1 seasonal influenza, vaccination remains the most important tool for controlling the disease.They echoed speculation about the presence of neutralizing antibodies possibly compromising the efficacy of LAIV. “Not surprisingly, LAIV is equally or possibly more efficacious in children, who presumably lack preexisting influenza-specific immunity,” they wrote.Weinstock and Zuccotti wrote that it’s unclear if the latest study comparing TIV and LAIV will affect vaccination recommendations. It may be prudent to use TIV in patients who were vaccinated at least once in the past 2 years, they said, but LAIV against pandemic strains maybe be more protective than inactivated vaccines, because the population will probably lack preexisting immunity.Wang Z, Tobler S, Roayaei J, et al. Live attenuated or inactivated influenza vaccines and medical encounters for respiratory illnesses among US military personnel. JAMA 2009 Mar 4;301(9):945-53 [Full text]Weinstock D, Zuccotti G. The evolution of influenza resistance and treatment. JAMA 2009 Mar 4;301(9):[Early online edition]last_img read more

Rooney picks Messi over Ronaldo

first_imgRelatedPosts Suarez agrees Atletico terms Pirlo not out to copy anyone after Juventus’ comfortable opening win Ighalo: My best moment as ‘Red Devil’ Wayne Rooney has picked Lionel Messi over former Manchester United teammate Cristiano Ronaldo as the greatest ever because of the Barcelona forward’s ability to “torture” his opponents. Ronaldo and Rooney won eight major honours across a six-year spell together at Old Trafford, including the Champions League in 2008. The Portugal international has since enjoyed a healthy relationship with Messi, the pair sharing 11 Ballons d’Or between them. Despite winning trophies in three countries with United, Real Madrid and Juventus, however, Rooney believes that one-club man Messi edges it in terms of being the better player. “Ronaldo wasn’t as focused on goals when we started playing together but you could see that all he wanted was to be the best player in the world,” he told The Times. “He practised and practised and began to produce. Cristiano has become an incredible scorer and he and Messi are arguably the best two players the game has seen. “But despite my friendship with Cristiano, I’d go for Messi. It’s for the same reason I loved watching Xavi and [Paul] Scholes: it’s the different things in Messi’s game. “I’ve talked about composure and I can’t remember seeing Messi score when he has hit the ball as hard as he could. He just rolls them in, makes it so easy. Ronaldo is ruthless in the box, a killer. “But Messi will torture you before he kills you. With Messi you just get the impression he is having more fun. Those two have completely changed the game in terms of goalscoring numbers and I don’t think they’ll ever be matched.” Messi’s sixth Ballon d’Or triumph in December took him one ahead of Ronaldo, who last won the award in 2017.Tags: Ballon d’OrBarcelonaCristiano RonaldoJuventusLionel MessiManchester UnitedWayne Rooneylast_img read more

Man Utd boss blames official

first_imgManchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson was an angry man after the 3-3 draw at Chelsea despite his team’s dramatic fightback from three down.He was furious United were not given a penalty when the game was finely poised at 0-0.Gary Cahill appeared to foul Danny Welback but referee Howard Webb did not award a spot-kick.“It’s two points dropped because we played so well, other than the 10 minutes after half-time. It’s not easy getting back from 3-0 down – that’s a massive effort from my players,” Ferguson told Sky Sports.“It was a sending off. The linesman has given two penalties against us at Old Trafford in the last two years – one against Arsenal and one against Liverpool – from 45 yards away, but he can’t see that? I don’t blame Howard Webb. I blame the assistant.”Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

DeMarcus Cousins turns in crucial Game 2 performance as Warriors even Finals

first_imgClick here if you’re unable to view the photo gallery on your mobile device.TORONTO — As DeMarcus Cousins changed at his locker late Sunday night, a Warriors PR rep told Cousins he’d be speaking in the main press conference room inside the bowels of Scotiabank Arena.After Game 1, Cousins spoke in a narrow hallway right outside the Warriors locker room, a 6-foot-11 behemoth pinned against a blue and gold banner by reporters, cameras and microphones in a space he barely fit.Upon hearing he’d …last_img read more

Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast, August 21, 2018

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest More rain today  into early tomorrow as low pressure finally sweeps across the rest of the eastern corn belt. Several fronts coming out of the low will work through the state. The heaviest rains developed overnight and may continue for a time this morning before we transition to a more scattered and lighter batch of precipitation that lingers through the rest of the day up to midnight tonight. Rain totals today can bring an additional .25”-1.25”, with locally higher rains due to thunderstorms. The precipitation around this low is very “banded”…meaning we see rains start and last a while as they train over the same geographical area for a while before sliding through. Everything still should be done well before sunrise tomorrow morning.Behind the front, we keep our forecast dry for Wednesday through the rest of the work week. We should see dominant sunshine in the Wednesday through Friday period, and excellent drying after the rains we pick up today and tomorrow. A strong high-pressure dome will move overhead during the period.Our forecast for the weekend and now the start of next week is wetter this morning. Scattered showers and thunderstorm chances have increased for the period after midnight Friday night and the action can continue on-and-off through Saturday. This is just phase one. There can be additional rains on Sunday, and then some action to start next week as well. Initially, rain totals are not that impressive through Saturday, with up to half an inch of moisture over about 70% of Ohio. However, we see scattered light action linger into Sunday, adding up to another half inch with coverage at 50%. There can be some thunderstorms moving into western and southwestern Ohio overnight Saturday night through he first half of Sunday. Then,  Another frontal complex works across Michigan Sunday night into the start of Monday, with showers and thunderstorms likely through early Tuesday morning. Combined, we can see rains there over 70% of the state, with rain totals of .5”-1.5” This is a much wetter outlook for the region, which will impact hay and forage operations…as there just not much of a window to put anything down. The map at right shows combined rains through next Tuesday, including the moderate to heavy action of today.Dry for the balance of Tuesday through Wednesday and the first part of Thursday. We have another minor disturbance coming in from late Thursday afternoon through Friday to finish the month. Rain totals will be around .25”-.5” with coverage at 70%. No change for the rest of the extended period, with a compact little low crossing Michigan for Labor Day and dragging a cold front across Indiana. That will have potential for .25”-1” over 80% of the state right at the end of the extended forecast window.Temperatures continue to show no concerning trends. In fact, we should stay mostly normal through the rest of the month, with highs from the upper 70s through the mid-80s for the period. Normals are from 79-83.last_img read more

Career Opportunity: Organization Director

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Ohio Farm Bureau Federation is seeking a highly motivated, detail-oriented self-starter for a management position in Champaign, Clark, Darke and Miami counties. Individual must be willing to reside in the service area. Demonstrated leadership skills and management ability is required as is a bachelor’s degree in an agriculture-related field. Three years of work experience in agriculture or in a business setting is preferred. The ideal candidate will have a working knowledge of a membership organization and be comfortable with public speaking and sales. Attractive benefit package includes a company vehicle. Email resumé and cover letter to [email protected] Deadline to apply: Dec. 13, 2019 by 5 p.m.About Ohio Farm BureauThe Ohio Farm Bureau Federation is a grassroots membership organization that supports programs that ensure the growth of Ohio food and farms, such as advocating for good government policy, developing opportunities for young farmers, providing student scholarships and grants, supporting Ohio food efforts, creating food literacy programs for kids, hosting community-building events and funding efforts to protect the environment, water quality, farmland preservation and more.Position detailsProvide quality professional service and support to county boards and volunteer leaders to meet the needs of the membership relative to established organizational goals and objectives, consistent with Ohio Farm Bureau’s Strategic Plan.Primary duties:Provide leadership and direction to county Farm Bureaus for the purpose of improving the strength, effectiveness and visibility of the organization in pursuit of stated Ohio Farm Bureau and County Farm Bureau goals and programs.Achieve membership growth through multiple strategies including an annual volunteer membership campaign, direct sales and strong partnerships.Work with county leaders to recruit new volunteers and provide leadership opportunities and training to develop and enhance volunteer leadership skills.Develop and enhance relationships with Nationwide, legislators, governmental agencies, agribusiness, local businesses, community groups and other strategic partners.Assist the county board to oversee county finances and develop an annual budget aligned to county goals and annual audits.Responsible for managing the local Farm Bureau office, including but not limited to personnel, data management, finances and correspondence.Minimum educational experience qualification: Minimum skill qualifications: Proficient in basic computer skillsOrganizational skillsCapacity to motivate, enthuse and recognize volunteersPublic speaking abilitiesFinancial and marketing knowledgeMinimum other qualifications: Must have and maintain a valid driver’s license.Must live in a county in the organization director territory.Preferred qualifications: One to two years of work experience in a business environment.Knowledge or experience in agriculture.Deadline to apply: Dec. 13, 2019 by 5 p.m.Email resumé and cover letter to [email protected]last_img read more

Heart attack symptoms

first_imgSymptoms of a possible heart attack include chest pain and pain that radiates down the shoulder and arm. Some people (the elderly, people with diabetes, and women) may have little or no chest pain. Or, they may experience unusual symptoms (shortness of breath, fatigue, weakness).Women are more likely than men to have symptoms of nausea, vomiting, back or jaw pain, and shortness of breath with chest pain.Review Date:8/14/2011Reviewed By:Linda J. Vorvick, MD, Medical Director, MEDEX Northwest Division of Physician Assistant Studies, University of Washington, School of Medicine; Benjamin Ma, MD, Assistant Professor, Chief, Sports Medicine and Shoulder Service, UCSF Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. Also reviewed by David Zieve, MD, MHA, Medical Director, A.D.A.M. Health Solutions, Ebix, Inc.last_img read more