why many of today’s Shanghai Longfeng personnel have a look down on people’s thinking, in addition to some technical personnel itself, there is a part of the whole industry are the pride with the wrong direction, strictly speaking: Shanghai dragon is a paid service, is working, why look down on others? So in site optimization in the future of a Shanghai Longfeng personnel must keep a low profile, himself as a grassroots or a basic level of service personnel, to this point I believe Shanghai.

former Shanghai Longfeng daily life is in writing and pass, can be said that basically is not learning, because the search engine algorithm is relatively fixed, and now the Shanghai dragon? If it is limited in writing and hair, then the whole site is facing death situation, is not possible the effective remediation situation, only through learning can make our optimization technique change. 1 is the latest information to learn to love Shanghai engine open, new requirements to the current search engine to learn these messages to let Shanghai Longfeng personnel fully understand, to help optimize the site; the 2 is to analyze the algorithm of Google search engine, you don’t look down upon the Google search engine, although Google withdrew from the China market. But the advanced technology is worth learning the Shanghai dragon.

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website is the biggest obstacle to Shanghai dragon optimization personnel, many Shanghai Longfeng personnel in the optimization of the website are not able to have a good position and out of the wrong decision, first performed a series of shows such as Shanghai prepares to release before love pomegranate algorithm, but a part of the Shanghai dragon staff do not believe, still according to the original method of constructing the website content website content, can be said that it is because of this arrogant mentality let website step by step into the abyss, Shanghai dragon friends wake up, only to know their wrongdoing can make our website gradually out of misunderstanding.

sees himself as a grassroots grassroots staff or

learning knowledge than the daily post to

would love Shanghai for most of the web search engines have mercy, but part of the Shanghai Phoenix staff as it is bound to affect the development of this part of the website, love Shanghai open after the first is Scindapsus algorithm Ali micro this site, making the site with heavy losses, and this is its ending, so paranoid to Shanghai dragon to out of paranoia misunderstanding?

optimization of misconduct was out of misunderstanding of core

is now a large part of the Shanghai dragon have already started the transition, the transition from the previous arrogant attitude is now learning, learn the transition from the previous passive into active acquisition, but also part of the Shanghai Phoenix staff is still very paranoid, they take measures to optimize the time still persist in the net station, it is because of its so many websites are facing the edge of the K.