(3) to ask in the forum. If you cannot find a way through the normal website optimization services, you can select the message through the forum by the way of screening. Of course not all messages are honest. So you need to comprehensive analysis, but for the choice of who is really a reference direction.

(6) of their own website PR value check if their own site optimization PR are not up to more than 4, so they can choose to give up.

(9) to see whether they are before the use of black hat Shanghai Dragon technology should learn the black hat Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, whether they use the black hat Shanghai Longfeng technical judgment, if this were found in the search engine, is also regarded as cheating processing.

(5) asked they do website optimization examples of customer satisfaction is the best choice to investigate a company’s optimization. Can ask them to optimize the customer company name for investigation. If rejected, then it is possible to protect customers’ privacy, there may be no examples of customers. The need to choose those who make the right judgment.


(8) to see whether they use automatic submission if they use automatic submission, please stay away from them. This way will be automatically submit search engine cheating processing.

for rookie independent to optimize your web site, you will find that no matter how hard always couldn’t see its rankings or is spent all your time and effort to optimize the website to get good rankings. If this is the case, you choose the best website optimization services company has the strength to work for you. Outside many web site optimization services company, you can not blindly choose their. How can we find a suitable for your website optimization services company

(7) to check their site ranking keywords if they choose their website keywords are not a good ranking, you can only say that they are fake.

If you choose

(4) search the company name if the company is public, so you can search from the Internet to a lot of positive information about the company. If it is a Swindlers Company, still can search relevant negative information on the internet. So to make good use of the search engine.

(2) from friends and business partners can be recommended. Word of mouth is very important for a company’s reputation.

(10) chain to see where they get the chain is as everyone knows, of great help for the ranking of a website. If they do.

(1) ranked first in their commitment? If they promise ranked first, then you ought to suspect them. In Google optimization guide said, no one can guarantee that it can continue to rank first. This is a good reminder for the website optimization services company first choice.