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increase the soft outside chain methods known, this method by many webmaster emphasized repeatedly, can say soft Wen is a method to add the chain the fastest and most effective, the advantages of soft Wen is not easy to be deleted, but it can be joined to promote their products. Like A5, Chinaz such a web site, is a very good soft release platform. And the other soft weakness is: because the chain by reprint, the similarity is almost 100%. So when we love Shanghai domain: website domain name, the results seem a lot, but most are not display, it will affect the love of Shanghai site weight judgment to a certain extent.

three, Shanghai

know loveWe all know that

love Shanghai’s own products have the advantage in the rankings, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love weight is the highest, love Shanghai know the answer also can bring a lot of traffic. You can choose your own website and relevant questions to answer, and then add their own links, or emphasize the effect, the problem of high quality can bring the same high click rate, click rate is high, ranking will naturally follow up.

adding Links, and not the more the better, the higher the quality is good, high weight links can put your weight increase, so, learn to look for their favorable Links.

this method can steadily increase the chain, but the effect is relatively slow, there must be patience blogging every day, but the weight of blog is low, the snapshot will be relatively more slowly. You can choose several fixed blog, regularly updated, long time inevitable will work.

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five, Links

forum chain needless to say, every webmaster will. The forum is a quick way of adding outside chain, published a high quality thread can quickly gather popularity, love Shanghai snapshot faster than you can imagine, you can choose A5, Chinaz as the high weight of the forum, the chain will increase very soon. The chain in such a way, the fat content of free combination, unlike the soft outside the chain is relatively simple. This website chain widely degree there is no problem. But for the quality of the chain, you can filter out the sort of similar sites, first visit PR high, a new snapshot, included more web site, so the effect will be very significant.



two, the chain

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