2, the game website landing page: One Piece

5, using the call of language.

2, concise and simple, involves more steps the conversion rate will be lower, such as some key five seconds to complete the registration, registration and so on.

Some of the issues for

6, according to the analysis of the user login landing page, the nobility had a baby 400 thousand hits in the test a few years ago, found that users open a page is the focus of a type F, so this should be the important information inside and be able to quickly grasp the user to turn.

4, the information should be clear, prominent features, outstanding outstanding sales channels, channel advantages and so on.

short, landing page optimization in addition to several points mentioned above, more still to be found in practice, the study site positioning user behavior, to improve the design of the landing page constantly, so in order to get the best results. This article from Zhang Donglong’s personal blog 贵族宝贝zhangdonglong贵族宝贝/archives/373, reproduced must be supported.


is more than two more often use the landing page from this type of site, we can see a common point, that is simple, and it is as long as the registration page, enter the mailbox password, simply complete the registration. Because more steps will be transformed, is relatively less.

1, the third party is now back platform landing page – the return of net

landing page refers to the user through advertising, or the first search engine ranking website page access time. Authoritative data show that users access to a page in the 8s to decide whether he will accept this website, or opt out, thus, the landing page as the first page is how important. The user is by clicking on ads or search keywords through search engines came in, so it was SEM and creative and Shanghai dragon selection optimization keywords and keyword ranking on the.

landing page optimization key:

then look at several common website landing page:

3 professional, page layout, vision is obviously different from other pages, the overall style should be unified with the theme of the website.

1, ensure that the landing page can be opened quickly, if not open for a long time, it will inevitably cause the bounce rate higher than a mile.