With the rapid development of the Internet website

many webmaster think so as long as the site to enter the home page can Everfount get a lot of free love Shanghai precise flow, before 2010 it is very objective optimization because the competition is very small, as long as the line on the website after the release of some content slightly do some outside the chain may rank will go up soon, but if it has shrunk now, you don’t know the love of Shanghai is upgrading its own algorithm we know the algorithm, Scindapsus has be too numerous to enumerate, Mars, pomegranate algorithm, love Shanghai white paper on the quality of various algorithms let love the sea to the webmaster tortured half alive, under the high pressure policy, Shanghai Er competition becomes more and more fierce dragon. Although after the site do the home page, we can get a lot of free traffic to get accurate, but we pay in the optimization process of manpower cost, time cost and other related resources integration cost, you now have the nerve to say your traffic is free? Your site optimization is very easily up to do it.


first, the rising cost of website optimization.

as everyone knows, the optimization has become increasingly intense. In this case, as a webmaster optimization difficulty is increasing, we as a webmaster how to do the work of their own website optimization, a new station on the line we have to optimize the planning and thinking the site through investment and the reporting period as price. What should we consider the optimization of the webmaster

third, experience will have unreliable.

second, Shanghai dragon accurate flow is brought about by the need to pay the price.

said the optimization experience we should be divided into two periods are analyzed and discussed, it can be said on the two day the website optimization content is king, the chain for the emperor before 2012, when we’re just a little for the web site after online update some of the content, and then to the hair of the chain, the chain of hair hand cramps, artificial suck our machine group, so save much of it, is also very easy to Links operation as long as the money, buy the chain! Can be said that at that time.

we know that the optimization before 2010 is very easy with the website, after the 2010 Ali Alliance launched Amoy, a lot of people pouring into Shanghai and Phoenix lead industry, competition is becoming increasingly fierce, love Shanghai algorithm is constantly updated and upgraded, led to the current web site optimization of all aspects of the cost is rising, more and more companies see the trend of e-commerce, the upsurge of network marketing in a wave hit, promote Shanghai dragon to learn to use the product, is a way of Internet marketing choice of many small and medium enterprises is very important. That we must face our problems is to optimize the cost, in order to promote optimization work, enterprises must pay more effort and expense. Now the Shanghai dragon we need to put more manpower, time, and these things are now Shanghai Longfeng most directly reflects the increased cost optimization.