not long ago, Shanghai love algorithm adjustment again, in addition to crack down on waste station, abandon excessive optimization ", more users to increase the effect of residence time on the degree of weight. For some small and medium-sized webmaster, improve the content of quality degree, fit the user experience, the formation of good drainage has become the future development of Shanghai love optimization.

news chain relying on news column plate, leaving a chain in such a place, can be said to be in the area of gold buried under a kedge. The amount of reading news, spread, page weight is generally small site difficult to match, so the news chain has become an important method for many owners to publish the quality of the chain. Especially after the recent Shanghai love algorithm adjustment, for some video spider chain to control more stringent, and the news chain remaining contribution is larger, can be.

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization method, the chain has been regarded as one of the best and most stable operation of Shanghai Longfeng effect, industry and even the "inner chain is king, the chain for the emperor", enough to see the chain for the optimization of the proportion of love Shanghai. Early Shanghai dragon optimization, mostly rely on stop outside the chain to meet the exposure. Leave the chain links to their web pages in different sites, so love Shanghai engine in web crawling, are more likely to record to the original page links, not only has a great impact on the collection, also let love Shanghai more friendly to the original page. Common Links is a very effective method to release the chain. The long chain, for the contribution of the original web page. In a very long period of time, in order to quickly raise the weight of web pages and keywords are ranking, have to rely on a large number of the chain to meet the demand, and even a special exchange chain "chain farm", become the optimization method of Shanghai Longfeng entry-level.

in 2015, the love of Shanghai is still firmly occupy the dominant search engine position, and for the love of Shanghai keywords optimization is still a priority among priorities of each big website, Shanghai dragon brand layout optimization. In many methods improve the weight of the chain to the webmaster stability has been favored, especially the news anchor text of the chain, the optimization effect is better, has become a new way of keyword optimization.  

and adjusted for the love of Shanghai, within the limits of the chain and the chain is more and more strict, a large number of video chain is love Shanghai abandoned, instead of the high quality, high correlation, user experience good outside the chain is more popular, of course, outside the chain of the class is the most difficult to find. A senior Shanghai Dragon said, optimization is now more difficult to do, just a few years ago released a large number of the chain can enhance web weight in a short period of time, many places are provided outside the chain of free release. But after adjustment for this algorithm to love Shanghai, the chain of garbage were shielded, many outside the chain have been ineffective. But retained in quality on the site of a chain is more difficult. In this trend, the news chain chain has become the best way to optimize the key words.