criterion is the most important: containing bad advertisements interfere with the user’s normal browsing the pages, especially to confuse the pop up a large number of low quality pop ads, the main content of the page page is spam. What types of Web sites have been the new algorithm against? There is no doubt that the novel type is the first, why? This is me as a user point of view, because I’m a novel fan, at present most of the novel website, basically be to kill, because it is too focused on user experience the. You said, when you enter this website a lot of advertising, it is also able to accept, but the most evil is when you click on a novel to see, it is actually the first pop up a new window, but the window is advertising, you said you will not be offensive, but the pit is some sites I want three clicks to really enter into sections and chapters about the page, also hanging advertising, seriously affect the reading, even if a person’s tolerance to maniang co.. Unless of course, the Internet only this novel station has the resources, may also be a little audience! Otherwise, this type of website is to kill

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love Shanghai algorithm has added a new category of pomegranate algorithm is mainly used for low quality summary page, enhance the user experience.

love Shanghai algorithm will change with the change of time and the number of users, but as long as we do to grasp the most fundamental point is: don’t worry too much about the user experience and user needs to click.

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here, I also understand this novel station mainly included is the main source of these ads, but to develop for a long time you must consider the user experience, and reading novels, many users don’t need your advertisement hanging next to you! In addition there is also a novel station of advice, even if you are hanging advertising, do not increase when you click the section to enter, you can hang in the pages of the first screen, equivalent to our website or to prevent the wheel ginto as for the page font advertisement in, and these ads are for the subsequent user needs! This is the pomegranate algorithm launch with novels of station

and others such as forum, personal blog site, information websites and so on, and the medical site also need to pay attention to, but also because some of these popups, although your intention is for the user, but the actual user is not love this