use FTP to migrate to the new virtual host on the manual to confirm whether the site can normal visit, the general virtual host will provide a free three level domain name, to test migration from the site in the three domain. If the test no problem began from the new domain name resolution.

moved to play the amount in advance, the original web content stored for at least 7 days or more, without updating the station, ensure that search engines use the original IP address can still access to content, because many search engines will cache DNS, if you go to the original site to delete all data at the time, may be a lot of 404 the error page, after the search engine cache DNS update, you can delete all the original virtual space. "

five: A

in general, choose during the early hours of the morning is the best time migration site. But it is not realistic for people like me not to stay up late, so up early to replace the most appropriate space, such as 7 in the morning. 2-5 PM and 8-11 PM is the peak of the Internet, is the most visited website, see your statistics clear.

domain name: member login, domain name management, click on the need to set up the new analytical domain name address, domain name service, that is, to modify the domain name A. In the domain control panel and quickly on the site after the resolution in the control panel to set the new domain name, usually two hours you can successfully access the new virtual host.

six: please retain the original site for at least 7 days more than

two: access time migration of

as a webmaster, is actually a group of vulnerable groups, when we pay, what is what IDC said, the basic personal is incapable of action. Then, the replacement of the virtual host, has become the most common problem among webmasters and bloggers. Today Lou song song will introduce some same domain site from one host to another host migration techniques, in order to avoid the site unnecessary losses caused by migration.

analysis of domain name recordThe setting method of The most important

: the replacement of the virtual host preparation – check

four: pay attention to retain the original virtual hosting site

virtual host can not be replaced, you should first check and replace the virtual host IP is safe, is search engine shield, above if there are other illegal websites, do not go without safety on host IP transfer website.

three: to the site to do the backup

database backup and upload folder, be sure to backup. If you don’t know the directory structure of web application, can spend more time on the backup station. Lu Songsong usually do backup is to download the several important directory to my computer. At the same time to the site to do the backup can be a variety of services, such as web site reviews, close the message function.

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