compared to the NetEase, the international first-class mail is good. Why blog visibility poor, if sina is not a dry fertilizer, Sohu is difficult to survive with food, then the NetEase is not food and keep not to live, according to Xiao Bian nearly a year to combat, NetEase is raising a dead one type of change during a variety of methods, unless you do not expect it to do outside the chain to bring traffic, joking, it also raises what it. Finally had to give up on this battlefield,

Two former

is famous Tianya forum, one of the best domestic, but the blog is relatively.

needless to say this, more than 800000000 QQ users, basically everyone has a QQ space, entertaining, in the lower people’s love, kill Matt noble of heaven, but who do not intend to use this stuff to do rankings, search engine is not included is very positive, so QQ space let it kill Matt’s paradise.

, a sina

three, NetEase

four, Tencent

two, Sohu

Sina blog popularity is very high, sina is also the first choice of celebrity blog, Sina blog is relatively easy to use, but also the top effect, is very conducive to the chain of publicity. Just a small years of observation and statistical summary: Sina blog home page included fast, but the inside pages are not easy to be included, even if it is difficult to be included in the search engine rankings, even if the same type of long tail words, basically do not see its signs. Even with the most sophisticated articles to raise, always light to eat long dart, so it is very easy to have lost confidence in it. If it is the case, to six points, barely passing.

blog is a personal homepage, the Internet is also written diary thoughts, where an enterprise wants to show themselves, in addition to their master, the blog is undoubtedly the second battlefield. A good blog can bring a lot of traffic to your site. Attached to each big blog high weight website, advantage is simple, easy to use, good and popular search engines faster, if you can use the blog to the long tail word ready, believe that the traffic is very considerable.

and sina is a large portal under the blog, but also have a basic characteristic of sina, but Sina is different from the Sohu, Sohu blog threshold should be higher than Sina, new special difficult to raise, and two months ago is Xinbo do not expect to be included, but if you can successfully through the growth period, which included the effect is good, unlike Sina’s generosity, dry raising fertilizer. Xiao Bian had successfully raised to the Sohu blog home page, the flow is very considerable.

small after a year of experience, for our webmaster comrades talk about characteristics of small experience of their own this year to keep the blog and blog and included effect. Listen to the statements of a school, Xiao Bian carefully to. Said the first four portals blog: Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent.

Five, the