I always think how much we want to get the value to be proportional to how much value, or creating value for the user.

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. For health website Shanghai Longfeng this series, today to do a front end, I introduce six articles in 5 major aspects of the article that I think is very valuable, because Shanghai Longfeng health which is a new concept, perhaps in my article remind you have begun to pay attention to it, perhaps before you look at my article more attention, but after reading it you more, so I will be glad to help you some of my. The Shanghai dragon this simple and basic skills, which includes the scope of more and more widely, the earliest time before we talk about technology, then we will slowly the tactics and strategy on things into it, then we are not satisfied, in addition to some of the marketing network of Shanghai dragon inside, after it is our Shanghai dragon brand marketing is a key direction, this is what we in the future to do an important indicator of the health of Shanghai Longfeng website: website brand health.

1, the construction of Shanghai Longfeng brand health health based on

brand for a website is very important, more important for a company, in the early stage of the Shanghai dragon optimization work we need to do is based, but later on we more need to do is brand health. The maintenance of the brand needs to continue to accumulate, so that the value of the brand in the minds of users continue to improve, so as to make the brand lasting, some brands, completely rely on the money to drop out, they will die. Today Muzi into the boat for everyone a simple talk about the website of Shanghai Longfeng health brand health construction.

! Not only the

for a web site, we must pay attention to the construction of the brand to do the basis of Shanghai Longfeng health, because the foundation is not good, everything else is castles in the air. The Shanghai dragon including website content, program, server, domain name, keywords within the chain, the chain, etc., a lot of what we want to do, the previous article also give you a lot, do these after the site’s ranking will improve step by step, if I have to do first, and long-term the stability is very good, which is helpful for brand promotion. For example in Shanghai dragon, fat man and little evil is always in the first and second, their website has become Beijing Shanghai dragon a regional brand, optimize their website based in Shanghai Longfeng do good, wait until these things well, and then in the home before three stable after 3 months the brand naturally formed. Shanghai Longfeng health, in order to ensure the health of the brand, sometimes we love Shanghai site was down the right, even the website brand word search to a lot of time is because Shanghai Longfeng unhealthy, so as to lay a solid foundation, the brand will naturally improve.

2, the construction of brand health is to provide value for the user