there is a factor which we often say, there are a lot of the usage of 301. For example, some sites because of the change of the domain name, the domain name will be used 301 old jump to the new domain name, so you can make the old domain name can also be accessed, but more factors to weight transfer the old domain to the new domain name to, not only will not affect the user experience, but also can transfer the weight of the role.

Most of the ?The weight of The role of the ?

chain is not here to nag, believe that as long as the contact of Shanghai Longfeng people understand. If this is not understood, I have nothing to say. Now love Shanghai for the chain of garbage strike is also more and more serious, so the chain is important for the success or failure of our website, because even a lot of website drop right or be K the reason is because of the chain. What we do in the chain need to pay attention to the details of what? I’ve seen a lot of people outside the chain are released to some forum posts behind a lot of back links, and weight of this little link to website can be pulled down, and a page which is not only your own left links to other people in a large number of links to where to stay, how such a link is useful to you

301 redirect

released the chain details determine the success of

high quality of the chain is based on industry related links, and can provide users with the content of the information, so the relevant industry is very important. Most people have a device to some Adsense industry website forums >

as an entrant in Shanghai dragon Er most of the people in charge of the enterprise’s official website optimization, and those who have a certain basis is not responsible for some of the big old website optimization is switched to make electricity, marketing or other industries to go, what is the reason for change is not to say. The purpose of this article is mainly to those enterprises do website optimization friends, the veteran can ignore a commonplace talk of an old scholar, too. Enterprise stand optimization needs those details

for the weight of these dispersion problem we can use nofollow tags to shield does not participate in the ranking page, make weight together. You can also use a 301 redirect to avoid weight dispersion. Use of the nofollow label with friends can go to love Shanghai.

dispersion leads to weight is difficult to accumulate

corporate website will have similar to the "Recruitment Information" about us "and" contact us "so few pages, these pages for the enterprise itself is an essential part, and we have done for the friends of Shanghai dragon optimization for these actually we do not optimize what to use, will only make us the web site overall weight scattered past. Many of my friends did not notice these details, so in the optimization of a period of time after the discovery did not accumulate the weight, or that originally there is the weight of the site itself, but by the "useless" page for the past.