this book early in the editing stage, the editor uncle on his micro-blog "sun" production process, including him to watch the scene printing printing results in the form of live pictures uploaded to micro-blog, let Bobby Chan fans witnessed the birth process of the whole book, but also for the the publication of this book full of gimmicks.


, of course, a complete marketing micro-blog only this is not enough, the commissioning editor uncle that micro-blog marketing has been publishing Tongren pay much attention to the marketing of acquiring, but because replication innovation becomes serious, we must first consider the factors. Innovation is not equal to the product according to the new in order to be different, to consider temperament. In the wind "pheromones" was written by Bobby Chan in 2004, the introduction of time is 2011, it was known as "congenitally deficient", and even some people questioned, why not introduce his latest works. But that’s not the editor to lose confidence, instead, he saw the book "advantage" – the book of Taiwan traditional version has been difficult to buy, and the whole book is a text with pictures (Photo by Bobby Chan personally shot).

as a new force in the Internet media, in just two years, everyone is expected to break through, and occupied the majority of Internet users free time. At present, in micro-blog, the publishing industry is also a variety of marketing micro-blog books. Among them, the grand literature · Chinese world publishing at the beginning of this year, the famous singer Bobby Chan’s works in the wind "pheromones", the micro-blog marketing is a good case.

according to the characteristics of text with pictures, the first invited uncle in micro-blog is attracted Taiwan famous designer for the overall design of Nie nagazane. This is after micro-blog marketing laid the foundation for many readers in Nie Yongzhen micro-blog saw Bobby Chan book cover making news, and this group of concerned netizens, and happened to this book buying groups have a certain degree of coincidence. And so on, the editor of the book also found a music critic Ma No. 223, Shifang, photographer actor Huang Ming and other celebrities in the propaganda period micro-blog recommended, recommended these people do the unity in time, make marketing more effective.

but rely on celebrity endorsements or not enough. In the edit their own micro-blog, how to attract more fans of Bobby Chan has become the first problem. He used the micro-blog search function, search for "Bobby Chan" in the wind "pheromones" and other words, through these words to find effective readers". Then, using the micro-blog @ function, forwarded to all can search the effective readers. This process is not one or two, two or three days will be able to see the effect, after all, friends for a ID this strange book news or skeptical, so we must persevere. Of course, this is a boring process, the need for manual operation of a large number of. The book was published, in order to attract more eyeballs, "the wind" and also the pheromones of the famous cafe diaokeshiguang conducted brand cooperation and interaction in micro-blog, Dangdang.