why do Links

6, avoid exchange Links frequency bottles a week is recommended an exchange, if the short-term increase too much Links, your weight will suddenly raise a lot, search engines may think that you are cheating, it.

2, Links actually is to find the best sites or weight high website to do, but the weight is higher than your site are generally not chain to you, we can only find some related industry site do link, is to find the best sites that do a kind of keywords and your exchange but this link, the success depends on the ability of the

4, and those websites don’t have dozens of Links do exchange links, because the weight of the home page is so much, get a multi site, you can get the weight will be relatively less;

1, to some Links exchange website or forum, QQ group for Links, another method is through the search related websites, and then contact the webmaster to exchange links, best and some webmaster friends exchange, because this province heart a lot, all online there are a lot of danger. But remember, be sure to keep good records of each web site and contact, after what can contact the changes;

next, find the bottle Links to maintain Links explained in detail, hoping to help you.


Links refers to put each other on your site other websites link. Must be able to find the address and the name of the web site in the web page code, and can be displayed when browsing the web site name, this is Links.

5, a problem to see a commonplace talk of an old scholar, is called JS, is open source code directly to search your home page URL, no words don’t do it, there is a link with nofollow, this made white;

3, many webmaster friends will according to the site’s ranking in the first two pages, the snapshot included number, time in the last 5 days, PR for Links, this point is very important, but not the theme and your site is far from the website links, like the IT industry, or find some of the Internet the link, if you do is home appliance, can not find the change of group purchase. Exchange links before, must spend ten minutes to check the web pages and included the previous K has not been recorded, and has done a Links website also needs a cursory examination;

first need to talk about the weight of the bottle, because the search engine will give each page a certain weight, and most of the web page of a website will link to the home page, so the weight of the home page is very high. Then a high weight Web links over our front page, the home page weight of our nature is high.