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station every day 2, 3 chain (the chain is to contribute, user needs very soft or Links)


1. (Creative demand mining user demand)

industry, are in the fight outside the chain, when you are diligent than others you will be the top.

article add links:

Small and medium enterprise Update

Li Xuepeng here want to say is: the chain is a key step in the website to vote, but it is not the only way.

must control a certain proportion of the chain:

‘s regular but not quantitative website what? Such as news sites, new.


many people are easily in the optimization of the web site in the chain cycle, that all the chain is the site optimization, as long as do the chain will be ranked up, don’t let him do the chain he will not know what to do. Especially the chain Commissioner and some primary Shanghai Longfeng personnel optimization site only know where to send, send, content collection content with links, can not be deleted successfully released. A large number of people are doing. We can look at the various forums, especially A5, Chinaz, tui18 and so on a large number of people into this kind of misunderstanding in the forum collection of other articles to publish.

1. chain error.

what site is suitable for regular quantitative update? Such as technology blog, such as school friends blog, if every day to maintain a degree of an update on time every day it will let readers have a habit of reading every day, see bowen.

2. that all websites need to update.

People do not have to optimize other aspects of the

super popular keywords

update is divided into three categories:

[2] regular quantitative

alone can do the chain of the site:

regular quantitative update

website content of the incubation period is very long, the harm is very big. Many websites update spam may be included in the short term, normal snapshot. But a substantial update to the search engine, such as update immediately every Thursday will drop right or be K.

The Need a literal interpretation of the text of the 2. local

is not every site need to update, not every site need to update every day. Now many people stop doing business or other small and medium-sized website Shanghai Longfeng, updated daily articles that industry news that in doing things, doing optimization. Even a lot of business promotion department supervisor or manager are strict requirements on the website of Shanghai Longfeng daily updated greatly. In fact, this idea of business is a cup, thanks to a thankless task every day, then may be reduced or K right.