above love Shanghai official answer, can get the so-called time navigation is misleading, if excessive use, even in the optimization of the excessive embarrassing.

love Shanghai official said: "the link weight judgment is an extremely complex system, we do not recommend attention to technical details. Any strategy in our system, are based on "whether the user has the value" as the principle and standard of judging. This is not just a slogan, in this link on the topic may wish to apply: a page appeared many different words, point to the same link, they are of value to the users "

first, we look at the two views on this phenomenon:

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2, looking for is a keyword, the purpose is to increase the density of keywords, is a kind of low technology content, optimization and even wrong!

another question: "if the link text is different, the weight of the search engine will be how the allocation of link

?If you have ?"The most powerful explanation

in Shanghai love club, has the following question:

station optimal network that Shanghai dragon is not a general theory of disciplines such as philosophy, it is a combination of theory and practice, practice more than theory subject, so, for any problem in Shanghai Longfeng, we should take actions to test with the facts to speak, in this spirit, we use the keywords View >

1, at the bottom of the site with keywords as anchor text links to the home page, this phenomenon is called secondary navigation, is conducive to search engine rankings, because doing so, every time the spider crawling can give a little weight lifting keywords, in addition, add these keywords will increase keyword density in the invisible, though keywords density of this item in today’s search engine ranking system to occupy the fraction is very low, but it is still a little help.

"a page has more than one duplicate link, and link to the same text, search engine to pass the weight, the weight is delivered only once, each link to transfer the weight? In addition, the weight of several duplicate link to get the same?"

The optimization of Shanghai

, welcome you to open the discussion, if not, I hope you see this point of view.

above is now optimization Fair for some of the views of the optimization of the bottom, right or wrong, station optimal network is not here, we only talk about our views and opinions, hope to inspire you!


the official explanation is: "repeat links will not repeat the link weight increase."

sex Shanghai dragon Er, when you have sex in Shanghai keywords optimization, have found a problem, that is in the enterprise stand this website, are ranked at the bottom of the site, most of them piled a lot on the homepage of the site keywords, this kind of phenomenon, you have a thorough understanding of it