optimization scheme, individual stationmaster does not matter, but to participate in the Shanghai dragon or Shanghai dragon orders, Shanghai dragon optimization scheme which is not less than, so how do we write Shanghai dragon optimization scheme? I am here to share the 5W2H method to write programs.

WHEN: what time do? What do we do? What time this thing can be completed? What time do you start? To the optimization scheme of bosses or clients that this is also one of the factors must have. For example, improve the site keywords ranking, what time do you start to do? What time ranking can go up? No time, they have to wait for you for a lifetime? So the second is not less than W.

WHO: who? Who is responsible for this? In our Shanghai dragon plan also must have involved. Do you plan to Shanghai dragon company, what you need to, what people do the work, this is must be clearly defined. And the customer to do the Shanghai dragon plan, you need to do what kind of work they need to be responsible for the customer what kind of work and so on, in the Shanghai dragon plan also must be specified in detail, otherwise there is no operation, how could work? So the third W in the Shanghai Dragon plan is not less.

WHAT: what do we do? What is the purpose? Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme should first determine what we want to do. Improve keyword rankings? Solve the website down right? Website promotion keywords ranking? To what extent? And so on, we want to know what we do to do things before, what is the purpose? This is the most basic, which is 1 W in 5W2H.

5W2H, it is a kind of method of the first U.S. Army Ordnance repair department during World War II, is now widely used in enterprise management, the specific meaning is:

What is the

HOW: how do you do? How to implement? What is the method? The Shanghai dragon plan can be said to be the main body, is essential, without him, Shanghai dragon project you is empty, there is no support, is not pleasing. For example, you want to upgrade a keyword ranking, so what do you do to improve the rankings, the station outside the station and what needs to be done, what needs to be done? And so on, only with these can form an optimization scheme of Shanghai dragon? This is a H 2H.

Shanghai dragon

WHY: why? What is the reason? What is the basis? This point in Shanghai Longfeng scheme is not less than. In the company, the optimization of the website is not your website needs to be combined with other optimization What I say goes., the Department and other departments to consider, only to let others understand you do.

WHERE: where do? Where to start? Improve website ranking, we should start from where to do, should be to improve the station? What to do? And so on, so that the fourth W is also indispensable.