third, the anchor text. The page appears for the first time and the anchor text in the keyword, the anchor text should be connected directly to the relevant page of the website. The more the anchor text page in a web site in which the page in the ZhengZhan weights are higher, if you want to home page for Shanghai dragon optimization, then please as much as possible the use of hyperlinks to the page, of course, if you want to improve your keywords ranking, then the search engine will be based on the anchor text to determine the theme of the page, which can improve the keywords ranking.

finally, constantly repeat the above steps. As noted above, in the process of.

Er Shanghai dragon at the computer every day morning to see the ranking rose out of a happy day the mood is not good, sometimes really let the head keyword ranking, especially the recent decline in a large range of love Shanghai included, greatly reducing the website outreach really made a lot of friends heart pain, for example, sometimes several times a day and floating what kind of operation method, is conducive to improve the website optimization website keywords? I’m here according to their operating experience for everyone one by one.

second, density. Select the set of a series of keyword density set is very important, the author suggests that not more than 10%, each article must be targeted, such as an article for one or two keywords, a primary key and a secondary key and so on, do the clear and concise and focused grasp this key.

fourth, outreach. Looking for high quality communication is very important, high quality outside the general including related Links, single link or station link etc.. Can’t find high quality outside the general blog, BBS signature, a good place for classified information platform and so on is outside, outside attention gradually and correlation can. The stability of the outreach is important to this site optimization personnel put forward higher requirements for outreach is not only the quality and not flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum stability is very important.

fifth update. The contents mainly do update original high quality content, regularly updated, the main keywords and long tail keywords set in the article, do the anchor text can be connected within a reasonable. Let the content for the website Everfount input fresh blood, the content of the website is a symbol of vitality is to obtain the wide range of key love Shanghai trust some friends of the shrink is certainly the quality of the content factors, love Shanghai in a certain period included but after a period of time to study the inferior quality of the articles or not love Shanghai fayan will be mercilessly deleted.

first, keyword. The key word is like the brain we in the optimization of time selection is key to focus attention on it, including the entire site is to focus on the key word, each page to do the key detail, the auxiliary keyword and the layout of the long tail keywords, this is very important. The long tail keyword best design to the article page, and to optimize the design by using anchor text and so on.