and I have reached a conclusion, the opportunistic way to do rankings, the result is a heavy blow you happy after a short.

! chicken ribs?

my feeling comes from a mistake before me, the error is not terrible, wrong but does not know when we summarize the terrible. This error for love Shanghai share, you listen to me slowly come, when watching opera.

I don’t remember, love Shanghai to share this feature is what was launched, I only remember a time, just out, is one thing, relatively hot and popular

a Shanghai dragon the mood is changing, there will always be two words in our mind, site and domain, these two words seem to constitute a barometer of our lives, I often ask myself, what time can I jump out of the whirlpool, what time can I break this wall?! say this word, but I smile of contempt, because think itself is wrong. Shanghai dragon, no torrent whirlpool, no containment of the walls you will only make you complacent stagnation.

remember in high school when, our teacher encourages us to change, especially the "Internationale", "no shortcut desirable, do not rely on plagiarism cheating…". A more than 50 year old man Lang song impressed me very deeply, I want to use this word in.


fact is true, but I want to say is a come home shorn of the story.

search engine will now take some social factors into the ranking factors, love is a kind of Shanghai to share social factors, how to properly use love Shanghai to share is that we should grasp, if applied properly, our website is likely to be punished. If you are in love to share with Shanghai, I suggest you webmaster best carefullykey, do not want to use to improve the share number about the user’s judgment, if you haven’t, I think it is not to consider this share is

because many owners think that love Shanghai sharing is a tool that can be user judgments about

webmaster in Shanghai love can quickly attracted the spider crawling thoughts Share ", to share the love of Shanghai, is the right idea is wrong in the" brush "love Shanghai share, eat hot tofu, quick kill ah. Of course, the hero or the station leyuanbaby贵族宝贝, I also go to fancy this way, I love Shanghai installed a share button, I hope by sharing the number for users to remember my station, thus greatly increase the flow. I am very excited, but I am an observant man, I found that although I love Shanghai brush share, but why do I flow every day in the fall, there is no doubt that my website punished my ranking and traffic have been hit, so I hastily hand.