can’t convince you? Some of the events that I I experienced to let those people lost confidence.

"spicy ginger or old" this sentence really classic. 360 a well born "kids" after all it is not on the market mix, without the precipitation and accumulation, more than Shanghai and Shanghai Post Bar know love love the two community, now is not 360. Shanghai love is so strong, but on the two communities have been very successful. So the webmaster you also can not rely on the 360 search, maybe you will beat yourself. 360 love has caught some of Shanghai’s vulnerabilities or mistakes, but this is not to let the group away from the love of Shanghai.


I remember in 2012 August, we ushered in a new search engine search friends: 360. Our team is no stranger to the 360, 360 development we are obvious to people not to mention it, and who said widespread fighting, 360 security guards and 360 browser, not love Shanghai, but absolutely comparable. According to the data of 360 said: 360 search on-line after two months, the market share reached 10%. Many webmaster can’t bear love in Shanghai will be changeable, had lost sight for the Savior -360 search, but, life is always counterproductive.

2. you forget the 6.22 and 6.28 events

did you forget? I didn’t forget. Here is not to mention the awful events, site punished, good mentality in the female owners started and get recovery, but, life is always counterproductive. People began to love Shanghai, strange people began to blindly use other means to optimize the whole industry, Shanghai dragon is like a vegetable market, vegetable market or a fly disorderly bump. This is our not mature, our own reasons, we should avoid the situation, but often not willing to admit. If, after this thing, you give up.

1. is "360"

recently read many articles from the Internet, including the teacher level of Shanghai Longfeng led figure of speech, has been discussing 2013 or more, or the prospect of Shanghai dragon road. Public opinions are divergent.. Some people say: the front end of Shanghai dragon has done, some people say that Shanghai is a promising dragon. In Shanghai, more than two years, for the understanding of the industry is also more and more deeply, which is the experience of the large and small events countless, also realized that as a Shanghai dragon face instead of your own website, but the Internet is a huge market. See the end of the future Shanghai Dragon said, I don’t know whether to laugh or anger, as I stand up to say: Shanghai dragon is not yet mature, how to end

360 maybe one day is on the other side of the search market firmly grasp, Shanghai dragon is not mature in 360 out of expectation.