three web site traffic come from? How to ensure the flow of income

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1. there is no way to Shanghai dragon, the number of inputs, the most important is the safety of


4. work to ensure that before and after took over, avoid working in no one left over

in addition, some sites now too much traffic, this is not a good phenomenon. First of all, the flow and the PR value of independent flow transformation will bring benefits to your website, if a user clicks on your site in a short period of time after leaving, even if he brought traffic to your website, but did not bring you any interest. So, traffic can only let users come to your website, and you want to make these users leave and create benefit for you. Besides, there are some black hat techniques will cause some traffic illusion now. Therefore, not blindly believe flow.


today, participated in the Shanghai Shanghai dragon bridge team organized by the Shanghai Shanghai Dragon Technology conference. At this meeting, Shanghai Shanghai dragon bridge team Qiao Zong answered some questions about Shanghai Longfeng technology; at the same time, also explained some problems on the construction site. We will summarize some problems as follows:

to tell the truth, Shanghai dragon ranking effect cannot be guaranteed. Because Shanghai is a dynamic Dragon technology, will be ranked according to the ranking algorithm rules love Shanghai change floating. But some of the work can reduce the effect of floating ranking, of which the most important is the focus on user experience, as long as the users love your website, no matter how they change the ranking rules, love Shanghai will not ignore the user’s thoughts.

site traffic is generally divided into three sources:

five.SNS website contains less what the original.

Shanghai dragon

as a training institution, you share resource is your knowledge. So you can have some knowledge of marketing, to your knowledge as the key point, will show you the advantage to your customers. At the same time, considering the problems or difficulties encountered by some users, as do some long tail keywords Shanghai dragon. So when you search for potential users of such a problem, you can put your show in front of the users.


3. layout can best be accumulated, it can guarantee the long-term operation of

of Shanghai Longfeng:


two. How to ensure the effect of

four. How the number of training institutions to do network marketing

1. comes from the search engine;

2. regardless of size, to ensure easy result evaluation, can receive tangible results from


2. links from relevant websites and

3. users to directly enter the url.

. Some companies do Shanghai, from where to start?