at present, we have observed the implementation of the optimization of the publisher accounts, all aspects of its advertising effect has been very obvious ascension.

extremely depressed or calm down, pick up a pen and paper to write the words in the heart, and you have the same experience that people share.

of course it is not necessary to do their own station, can also help others to do some of the technical aspects of the work and get paid, such as helping others do website, website design, website design, LOGO design, design a poster and so on, this is some of the advantages of technology with the people with the.

talked about Wangzhuan, I believe many people will be interested in, is also very willing to participate. To be honest, I will contact Wangzhuan for more than a month, does not earn much, 300 yuan less than, limited experience, personal views may not be able to explain to the taste, please forgive me, also welcome like-minded persons to give suggestions.

, the ruthless storm destroyed many people’s dream home, affect how much people’s heart. The train can not pass, returning migrant workers trapped, the destruction of power facilities, communication network, frequent failures, all this to the people’s life in the New Year approaching inconvenience and loss.


if you are interested and intend to try, please reply to this letter and tell us that we can also track your account better from the system and help you optimize your ad.

The first kind of

second is not technical, but familiar with the network, make use of the network of people.

personally think that people can be divided into two types:

when we look at your account, we find a simple and quick way to improve your advertising effectiveness.

power for 5 days, 50 years of snow also brings me to the 20 years of the first case of the candles new funny things. The cold weather is unacceptable. Didn’t think his will is that at the beginning of year of fate.

formatThe advantages of The following is the author of

300*250 advertising units in click rate and advertising revenue are mainly due to the following three reasons:

shlf1314 AdSense optimization team


this kind of people do not understand the technology, but if the use of the network, can earn more than technical people, and more easily. Of course, do not understand technology, is always a defect. This kind of people can do many things to help others, such as propaganda website, each big forum send promotional stickers, help others site collection >

At the beginning of the new year Do Wangzhuan

first of all, I’d like to say hello to all the members of the shlf1314 AdSense team,

watched carefully in your current advertising display, we recommend that you use the better advertising format 300*250. I hope you can consider this optimization proposal and update your existing ads quickly.

believes that this is the person who fared well, but also can do very tired. A technology, can make a website, through two years of operation and management, make the website do a certain scale, when reached a certain level, you can get some revenue by selling advertising and promotional products to help others. Or, to launch their own goods or services on their website, the life of the business to the Internet, so as to achieve profitability.

specific recommendations ————————————————————–

1. currently has more location-based ads, which tend to be in the format of advertising units, and there are more pictures advertising in this format;

2. is suitable for 300*250 format, the total amount of advertising is relatively more, so in general speaking, the relative price is relatively high;

is skilled, familiar with the network, with the network in the world of people.

shlf1314 ADSENSE today just received the official message, the site in the launch of www.ppmmw 300*250 have a relatively good experience, click rate and the diversification of advertising, such as text, picture and video advertising.

3. in the ad unit of 300*250, the description of each advertisement is more detailed, and the advertising information is more abundant to the user, which makes readers more interested in.

currently has some pages on your website that display square ad units in 200*200 or 250*250 format, and maintain good advertising results. But after a recent analysis of a large number of user data, we found a similar rectangular advertising unit 300*250 has a more outstanding performance, and many advertisers are more willing to in this format of advertising for advertising. So we suggest that you can try the 200*200 or 250*250 unit update for 300*250.

until the understanding of the civilian Wangzhuan forum to let me know, what is the real me. The so-called Wangzhuan, namely the network to make money, make money through the network, use the network to make money. A computer, a network cable, a Lu You device, plus a will use the Internet, I think you can start to get involved in this industry. Of course, not to say what people can do Wangzhuan, at least you have to know a certain computer application knowledge and network knowledge, and make less money, also depends on the individual level and the ability of the.