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if you look may have been found to show some website love Shanghai advertising alliance even you often focus on industry. You may feel strange, why are you interested in some industries have appeared in different types of Web sites love Shanghai alliance advertising


today, in a purely entertainment website often can see all kinds of advertising industry, and quite a few are interested in the industry. For example, the stock market, I search for half an hour ago, now, in a stock market with no relation to the site, to see the stock trader, like Shanghai alliance in advertisements. I then search for "gold" to "lose weight", opened later put love Shanghai advertising alliance ", found that there have been advertising alliance gold investment, gold investment software, slimming tea, L-carnitine and other related.

had many love advertising Shanghai alliance are selling drugs, especially some of the male kidney, next to a hot beauty map. Although such ads could bring good profits, for love and love Shanghai Shanghai customers but to bring more visitors is resentment.

so it seems that the starting point of the initiative to love Shanghai to website owners and advertisers are very favorable. If you really can have the effect as expected, is likely to improve the popularity of Shanghai love alliance.

search, determine what are you interested in, and display ads that match. This will undoubtedly bring increased greatly to love Shanghai alliance advertising hit, let love put Shanghai alliance advertising owners have the chance to get more income through the love of Shanghai alliance. Because most advertisements will be with the user’s interests, presumably advertising conversion rate, customer turnover possibility will be higher.

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