said the share transfer system, in order to meet the needs of the stock listed electronic business operation process, to better guide the application of listed company and hosting brokerage stocks listed on the procedures, improve work efficiency, the operating guidelines for revision, revision on the date of promulgation of implementation.

5 exists other reporting and unreported conditions relating to listing requirements.

share transfer system website, after the instructions were in May 6, 2014, December 31, 2014 and October 20, 2015 time were revised, the revision is one and a half years again after revision.

new reissue notice and revocation notice

forum Jun found that the important amendments are as follows:

this revised version of the new regulations for the termination of listing, apply for listed company to obtain the consent of the listing letter, but has not yet completed the listing of shares, may apply for termination of listing. The application for termination of the listing shall be issued by the listed company or the sponsor broker.

for listed company listed on the consent letter, during the process of listing procedures, some cases, can suspend the listing of shares of the company for processing; listed company in the listing before the termination of the listing application program can.

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suspend the listing process is divided into the host broker applications for suspension and the national stock transfer company initiated suspension. Pending suspension of listing matters, the sponsor can apply for the resumption of listing procedures, or by the national stock transfer company initiated recovery.

has these 5 cases will be suspended listing

previously, the new three board listed business does not exist suspended listing said. Some in the regional equity market listing, but also to the three new board listed companies, often in listing success after the announcement from the regional equity market delisting. In the future, this situation will be suspended or listed.

4 has letters and calls concerning the application for listed company;

corrections and announcements of new information disclosure documents in addition to listing

3 for the listed company in the regional equity trading venues listed unfinished delisted or did not disclose the relevant information;

on the evening of June 19th, the stock transfer system issued a notice on the revision of the guidelines for the operation of the stock listing business of the National SME share transfer system Trial Implementation.

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1 loss of actual controller or controlling shareholder;

revised version of the new suspension of listing and termination of listing matters.

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editor’s note: the new stock listing before the major items of verification link.

appears in one of the following 5 scenarios, will be suspended listing:

2 apply for listed company executives did not participate in the national stock transfer company organization training or training, not through the assessment;