general in the choice of a chain, will look at whether your site included, at the same time, to see whether the site has a stable increase.

4, website

Most of the domestic A Xuzhou company

snapshot update is best of course. The snapshot can reflect the search engines crawl the site frequency, audio frequency reflects the degree of importance for the love of Shanghai website. High weight website basically are able to do the next update snapshot. But not to say that the snapshot update website is high weight website, some web site was love Shanghai right down, but it is still a good snapshot update.


network optimization is the site I now is the case, because of a chain to page down the right, but it can still be updated daily snapshot.

for a web site, if the release is a lot of garbage outside the chain, may not appear down the right punishment in the short term, but when we exchange chain, to avoid the exchange to this website, on our website weight ascension is very little, even will cause a negative impact.

1, Shanghai love weight

webmaster tools to develop the habit, when the query website first look at what is the weight of love Shanghai. Love Shanghai weight reflects the traffic from search engines, chain in exchange, viewed as the other site is love Shanghai recognized or helpful.



5, the chain quantity and quality of

exchange Links is very important for a website. The search engine, whether it is love or give Google Shanghai weight Links are very large. But a chain exchange success rate is very low. Today, Xuzhou billion net website promotion for everyone to talk about how to see whether the site is exchange chain.

sites are the main customers of Shanghai ranked PR as Google website evaluation standard, some people think that is not important. I personally think that although PR is not love Shanghai website evaluation standard, but Google algorithm and love Shanghai although there are some different algorithms, but Google has always been a very important user experience, which is also in love with the sea by the value of the. So PR in Shanghai should be in love or worthy of optimization.

recently added a few special exchange chain QQ group, specialized exchange Links in the group, and I believe that many people in doing the same thing. Originally thought that after the chain would not have to worry about, but the reality is always so cruel.

3, PR

some people will love Shanghai weight is not given the official standard, I in a few days ago in an article from A5 (love Shanghai weight is not an official so unreliable?), has a detailed explanation, love Shanghai weight although not official, but also can reflect the site in weight of love Shanghai in.