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first: how to make love in Shanghai included in a short time

estimates that there are now many of the new website is very difficult to be loved, love Shanghai included, since Shanghai 6.28 update algorithm for included new mechanism is more and more strict, although from the web log to find love Shanghai spiders in sight, but not always love Shanghai website snapshot, released in the face of such situation how to do? I share my love is how to make Shanghai included in a short period of time.

of the chain in many ways, but I think the most effective or soft submission, after all successful submission of an article will be forwarded, many websites to achieve a rapid promotion effect, also is the forum signature, for I have a forum signature to say it is the signature must exist "text this is my personal links", the long-term accumulated experience, have to do is "Links publishing platform" link, the link platform advantage is long and stable, so as far as possible when the release link notes "add some and site theme related words, add links to related degree.

a new website online, the first is the need to have a good site structure, to reduce the love Shanghai spiders crawl crawl, followed by work, should have high quality content, because of love since the Shanghai incident in 6.28, love Shanghai for low quality content sensitivity is greatly improved, for some root pressure acquisition station not included, even if included, soon to be K off, many owners complain love Shanghai not included new sites in the quality of the content above, when the station optimization feel no problem, we should build a new site outside the chain, as long as the purpose to attract the spider is enough.

fourth: the author to submit to the views of Shanghai


second: how to let Shanghai feel love is high quality


many webmaster, including love officials in Shanghai are built.




love map

high quality content is newer, smaller, repeat content related to a higher degree, remember when the new site has not been included to collect or reprint other articles, the content of this site can use the front and back-end, middle pseudo original combination technique, the so-called pseudo original software now is absolutely out of the content is no, at the same time we must release the number of good advice, control of the site daily post in the first months of 5, the daily monthly increase in 10, 15, remember that in order to facilitate the release of a large number of one-off content.

third: Shanghai spiders attract love visit how effective