this is a key forum for the construction of the chain, but also the highest weight of a form, when add the chain in this aspect we should pay particular attention to, only through the [url=www.xxxx贵族宝贝]xxxx[/url] to join the site keywords you want, if you can also www.xxxx贵族宝贝 this form, the effect is still stable, in short, the use of these two methods when the article was collected, the website links can also be timely included, in fact, I understand.



forum signature is a chain construction method we use most often, this method is simple, stable effect, as long as we join the site in the corresponding set of keywords, although this method is obvious but not by cheating, the main bundle (since it’s signature), easy to pass. But as the saying goes, "when the world was in apple, Apple has to die, now more and more webmaster BBS signature do, followed by its effect decreases gradually. The weight is decreased, but while also do need forum signature, outside the chain as soon as possible to build their own, after all," a starved camel is bigger than a "forum of the construction of the chain method of document, skill than how video like

2. forum

1. forum signature

content is king, the chain for the emperor. This sentence is a successful web site should have not only high quality original content, should also have a reasonable construction of the chain. The construction of the chain reasonably are of great help to improve the weight of the website and the amount collected, the present situation, the construction of the chain site generally stays on the chain blog, forum chain, love Shanghai know a few outside the chain, which is one of the forum outside the chain is obviously a most obvious effect is the most stable, and how to make good use of the forum for the construction of the chain, has become a new generation of webmaster essential skill. But for how to use the forum, I believe there is not a novice webmaster for the location, so little for webmasters to comb.

first I want to say a little, just reply post, be sure to grab the top five floors, it is easy to own the chain (so you should understand why so many webmaster to grab the sofa bar), in reply to it as much as we can use URL tags to write their own target keywords links, such as [url=www.xxxx贵族宝贝]xxxx[/url], but for some sites do not support this function, and reply to it, we can not be applied mechanically, as much as possible with the content, in addition, we’d better reply in time, a few more, about 3 or so, and not every links, this will show that we see based on the careful thinking, but also can improve the link included speed, but in 3, with a link back to the first.