first, the number of labels should not be too much. Usually set the label in the article will not be too much, is a 1-3 tag can be generally, and the number of words should not be too long, two or three words words on it. This setting is not what to ask, in order that the weights are concentrated to some relevant and specific words, in fact, now is not love Shanghai attaches great importance to the website label, but if the label does not do optimization, it is easy to be brought to the site for cheating, but this author explains.


recently, I have been in use for the study of the website label, the label function is also a new understanding. I have a blog, blog left below the list of tags, labels are on the list I usually write articles to add up, at that time did not care how the label, later took a look at the list of tags found too many related tags and labels is very messy, so I see some well-known blog, such as Lu Songsong, the moon, Tang Shijun’s blog tag list, they found the label on the blog there is a common point, that is clean and regular, the main keywords have long tail words, the other is the label can be classified using, which makes the author studies for a long time, and later found the benefits of doing so are many. The weight can be concentrated to a place. In order to more direct writing this article the author summed up the point, also hope that other owners see the article after the exchange with the author. The following is the author’s point of view.

example: I wrote an article for optimizing external links in the blog, the author can set the relevance labels for website optimization, the label for the construction of the chain, so.

tags and content should be relevant and targeted

, the number of labels should not be too much

said, the website label is a part of the webmaster, especially some blogs and forums, these websites almost always use labels, most webmasters label function is mainly for users to search similar content, also can say to the website brings a better user experience, is the correlation between the user and the content the interaction is greatly enhanced. At present, there are few labels webmaster to pay attention to, timely attention to stationmaster label on the label and is wrong, if the improper use of labels will be loved in Shanghai that the website cheating, thus indirectly punished.

secondly, label and content should be relevant and targeted. As the saying goes, the fish can find fish shrimp turtle looking bastard, the author took to label this passage, fish and shrimp for fish and shrimp, to find the contents of specific label, the tortoise find bastard, correlation label for the relevant content. The author explained should be able to understand it, which is what the article add what kind of tag must not add, not beauty article add food labels, of course, a lot of food can also be beauty, but it can not be compared, so the label and content should be relevant and targeted.