Einstein once said: "a person who never made a mistake never tried anything new."

4: progress of inspection and assessment work of

1: the attitude of

Einstein once said: "to solve the problem, we have to abandon the thinking way of manufacturing."

proved the famous genius of Einstein had made mistakes in one or two things. But I am sure that his words make me a new idea of Shanghai dragon. I will quote a few words of Einstein here, on how to better do your Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai dragon


3: do

learning by reading the article, this is not exactly true learning Shanghai dragon. This sounds a bit negative those written in Shanghai Longfeng article share people (including me), of course I want to clarify this. Although the blog forum is a good way to get Shanghai dragon theory of knowledge and information, but if you want to learn the real Shanghai dragon, then you must go out and do it.

we all know. Shanghai dragon is a continuous process, at some point you will find some of the challenges you need to overcome. Maybe you have a natural link, you need to solve problems before they become. Or the content of your site can attract traffic. The key is, every time we all need to find and evaluate the progress of our work. This paper consists of 3D web game list 贵族宝贝yao>

I have always believed that to do Shanghai dragon should first have a good attitude. Have the right attitude to create a decent content, to obtain the high quality of the chain, make the site more friendly to tourists, write good articles and so on. All of these things will affect your Shanghai dragon. The search engine also need your right attitude, because as a webmaster if you have a good attitude, then you will be able to provide a better experience for visitors.

Einstein once said: "the only obstacle to my learning is my education."

in the search engine in the world, the target can not be changed, but a real Shanghai dragon Er will change their form and method. In my opinion, if you want your Shanghai dragon in the competition held in front of you, you must constantly change, try new things. The research and experiment with new methods. This is why you must have important reason to own site. When you don’t want to make your website when there is a risk, you can test your site. Although this way you might lose something, but you have important things you try something new.

Einstein once said: "the attitude of weakness caused weak character."

2: try something new