The above is the younger brother of www.gzjq120贵族宝贝 reproduced Guangzhou liver disease hospital

7, Shanghai: love spiders can not identify the picture, so be sure to add a title in the ALT attribute of the picture in.


3, the specific frequency density algorithm is the number of keywords multiplied by the number of words, divided by the number of words, keyword density should be controlled within 3%~8%, density can cause excessive optimization.

have different views on some of the rankings of the common opinion about the source: Please specify the source



, 4 links: link into the chain and in the chain, a lot of friends to pay attention to the chain, little attention within the chain, actually in the chain is also very important, usually point to an important link in the chain, the more chain in an article, this article is to tell the love Shanghai more important, also in the chain as a whole your help, it is recommended that you have the best in the chain.

6, the degree of customer experience: now love Shanghai for the ranking, the customer experience is very important to see that the client can quickly find what they need, so as far as possible the use of the sequence table and unordered list. Title and subtitle.


1, the original Shanghai spiders love: love the original, fresh article, copy and paste the article to have a good ranking is very difficult, so I have been advocating for the site of the original.

5, click: click on the number of general is beyond our control, click on the high number of articles, ranked relatively better.

site traffic in addition to word of mouth word, the most important is the long tail keywords, long tail keywords have a good ranking, often can bring the objective flow, many people want a keyword up, the blind is the hair of the chain, stop the chain, but the effect is not good, the following I have to explain the influence of the ranking of the eight factors.

2. key words to describe the location of the first 20 words appear as key words, describe the words from one to two times. The best site, the location on the site is fixed, we will not consider.

8, we must ensure that the content, links and web sites related theme.