website to find their ranking suddenly disappeared, A thought was caught cheating, quickly clean up the place, and then send a very innocent letter, request to reconsider the noble baby. B site not cheating, also not modified.

later in the micro-blog Lou song song made the news, Google webmaster guidelines on micro-blog reply as follows: responsible to clarify, noble baby did not, not now, I believe the future will never be so. As long as the site owners did not violate the quality guidelines, will not be noble baby treatment. Even if you violate the quality guidelines, as long as the re correction according to the requirements of the website, complaints about, baby will be revoked once noble treatment. Please rest assured the webmaster, we are very reliable.

For example, when the A B

also recommended nobility baby: if you find the website ranking in the noble baby included abnormal, we suggest that the first thing is to confirm whether the site is a noble baby, although he didn’t cheat or hackers or competitors to attack, causing the site to appear spam may.


when you encounter this kind of situation, if you cheat, guilty of cheating are clearly put it, is likely to fall into the trap of the noble baby.

At the same time,

seroundtable reports from the aristocratic baby will adjust the ranking of search results to test various sites in response, unable to determine whether you cheat case, baby first noble right down, it is possible to determine a cheating signal.