many friends may say, I never mind, as long as the traffic, I do some pop-up ads or advertising, every day can also have a good income, of course I can’t say that this idea is wrong, because when I started learning website, but also think about this money. But after the recent K love Shanghai station storm, let me have to re-examine, re thinking, is to rely on the garbage sites to get temporary benefits, or on the regular site to obtain permanent interests. Everyone has his own ideas, but there is a problem is that the search engine is now increasingly perfect, the requirement of the website is more and more high, enough to see through these events, of course, because of its limited technology, there have been some problems.

as a just contact site was less than a year of the novice, here to tell Shanghai dragon, can be a little feeling but did display slight skill before an expert, in less than a year’s time, learning from the station, to operate the site, and then to love Shanghai K station storm, to learn a lot. There are a lot of knowledge, ideas and experience, today will give you unique insights about some of their own. I hope you can set people thinking more or less please don’t laugh at me.

here, I believe a lot of understanding good webmaster friends should understand the original value of the site is the fundamental survival website, Shanghai dragon as a technology, is based on the original value, let you get more potential value, make you more value of. Do not understand the friend, I can say. If you do the site is like a hotel, visitors to the site as a restaurant customer, and Shanghai dragon as you do all kinds of advertising. In the early stage, you rely on the powerful marketing mode, various kinds of ads to promote your hotel. Opened some time ago, many customers come to dinner, the hotel if you taste food are not what you think the customer will come second times? Obviously, no one will go. This is like you in Shanghai dragon in the search engine technology to get a good ranking, when the user points into the site to see, all kinds of garbage content and pseudo original content, not what he wanted, he would not hesitate to turn off the site, continue to search for the value of the site.

Shanghai dragon Chinese name is search engine optimization, is the site of the keywords so that the search engine position by some technical means and can get potential customers, profit. Literally, Shanghai dragon just for website optimization, we must pay attention to the use of the term. What is the meaning of the word love optimization, Shanghai Encyclopedia of explanation is in order to better in one hand and reject the dross; personally feel that the word used in the main role of local just perfect, directly indicate the Shanghai Dragon – is in you a good, good quality of user experience good site on improvement; make it more excellent, more in line with the user experience, can attract more users to browse.