correlation is not strong.The

first, the quality is not high

see the title don’t get me wrong, is not to say no to write original, search engine of the original article preferences, do Shanghai dragon people are aware that it is quite effective, but why not write original every day what use? Because there are three kinds of situations:

The correlation of

second, the


search engine love is not equal to the original, the original article search engine said what the quality of love, imagine a piled up with various keywords a "original", but even the grammar passed, without any context logic, the search engine will be like? Also, an article is less than 100 words, any point, what mood state, simple and abstract, search engine is not micro-blog, this is a bad mouth.

is relatively good, as long as the theme of the original article, the correlation is generally not bad, after all, not the copy. But the problem is that keywords above, may the theme is very pertinent, but the keywords appear too much irrelevant and repetitive, the search engine might think that repetition is the key word. This situation is not a few, for example, the "new webmaster should be how to do Shanghai dragon" as the title of the original article, key words should be "how to do a good job, but the content is Shanghai dragon" and "many novice webmaster have such problems, in fact, it is easy to understand, after all, is a novice webmaster over the. There are two main reasons: one is the novice webmaster experience, two is probably not enough "novice webmaster theory almost repeated many themes >

correlation is also related to keywords, website optimization and write original, then the correlation is particularly important. For example, the medical industry site, the key word is tax planning, although the original, but see this article, people will think of this in the end is a medical website wrong topic, or tax website wrong title? Is it a search engine, and do it more thoroughly, search engine according to a phrase to "read" the key words in the article on behalf of the subject, keywords are not obvious, the correlation is not strong, the search engine will not read.

the quality is better, the original is more effective. What is the quality? The first thing is to have the practical value of things, such as the "extension of the rapid expansion of the Meida derivative reason", "Joyoung machine instructions", "Soybean Milk domain name: www.aaa贵族宝贝" such a case analysis, can produce something of value to the reader, not thinking of the collision theory, practice, teaching case sharing, or simply to win readers a happy. Then is to sentence anacoluthon, on illogical, typos incessantly, not only the reader with search engine to read hard, you know, the search engine is actually the service for readers.