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, content is king

In fact,

most of the time, even don’t know what Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the most important, what is important. Because everything is important and not important. As the saying goes, if you want to practice martial arts masterpiece will only be careful not to forget the martial arts, martial arts martial arts wins, to reach the highest level. So to the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, in order to go beyond the Shanghai dragon optimization, then forget to do Shanghai dragon! Here is not to say that no, but the Shanghai dragon as optimization instinct, so that we can use more and more freely. So what is the most important for the website optimization Shanghai dragon? Today I talk about:

two, the chain for emperor


space is a basic

"content is king, the chain for the importance of the emperor" this sentence should be able to explain the content. I often say that the content is a web site of the soul. It also shows that the content is important for survival of the website. Shanghai dragon in the optimization and the optimization is not content? How to add search engine love content, what content is popular with users, which shows the importance of content. For the webmaster, it is difficult to update the quality of the content, each person’s brain is limited, not every day there are a lot of original writing, then bitter webmaster, many webmaster began with the acquisition, because the acquisition is simple and easy, but also very efficient, little the mouse can get a bunch of than you write a day more than the original. But the search engine for the acquisition type of net production did not catch a cold, it is also contrary to the original intention of the station we do. So, the website content is very important, but high quality original content for website optimization is the priority among priorities.

is saying that "content is king, the chain for emperor", the two are complementary. Not a single one can be omitted。 Less content cannot talk about what kind of user experience theory, less the chain on the lack of let the spider into the site crawling channel, so that both are important. But the quality of the chain for the website ranking weight is absolutely helpful. Every webmaster promotion optimization not to be able to add more high quality of the chain to the site? Although a lot of the time, a little nonsense, do garbage chain mostly, but it also proved the importance of the chain. If the chain is not important to you, then why still hard every webmaster everywhere leave links? Why is old to do outside the chain of high quality and anguish? And HAO123 of the original owners also said the site to do the ranking is chain, which also shows the importance of the chain. The author gives little hint: it should be more the pursuit of quality rather than quantity chain, because the number of the chain can rely on a large number of spam links to get, but not what the website optimization. The quality chain is different, he can effectively improve the site ranking factors such as the weight of the.