as a webmaster although the main task is the operation and maintenance of your site, but the essential part to establish their own network resources but also in daily work. In the Internet family, if you do not have their own human resources, only alone a cavity blood is difficult to make your website development. The increase in the chain, first you should think of the use of their human resources, the resources available on the web site links or friends. In the Internet industry, most of the time is to look at the relationship, you may run a new station, PR is only 0, but the same can get through the relationship between the PR4 and 5 Links, see your relationship hard, usually is not helpful.

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, a use of network resources

two, Links

published an article on well-known websites, your own website in the article add links. This is also the ideal link object, not only can improve the visibility of the site, but also is of great benefit to improve the site’s ranking in search engines, after all, is a one-way link. But first make sure your posts can be well-known sites employed, like Admin5, if your article in accordance with the requirements of Admin5 can be hired, as long as the value of the article will be pushed to the home page, it can improve the ranking weight.

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Links webmasters often use effective and free methods for strong correlation and high PR, a chain website, this is the ideal link object, but also according to the actual situation to you. If your PR weight is not very high, or go with their considerable Website Web site do friends chain, so the success rate will be higher. Usually by E-mail, QQ or other contact to do Links, maybe you are still unable to cooperate with some webmaster, but be sure to keep in touch, when are you qualified to cooperate with each other, will let you operate more smoothly.

blog this year as a whole is feeling a bit down, but still have a lot of friends with love, after all is free, and very convenient, you won’t be spending too much energy. But can improve search engine rankings to make contribution, it is our choice of blog object, like a large portal blog set can be opened, can open a don’t fall.

chain promotion is one of the most basic web site operators to promote the work, but also an important way for early promotion of website. Do the chain extension to the most effective direct help bring you flow, make your site spread better. At the same time to promote the chain but also for your search engine optimization to add a force, effective quality of the chain can help you improve website ranking. Today we talk about the seven mainstream method to establish effective outside of the chain, allows you to easily fix the chain extension.

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