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: the long tail keywords are divided into two kinds, the 1 is to solve the needs of users, the other one is in the pursuit of flow. For the long tail word to address the needs of users may not love Shanghai index, the word brings flow may not be much, but the user experience is good; the other is a long tail word love Shanghai index, the main users bring traffic to a site. We should integrate the two keywords and keywords: practice, both love Shanghai index useful to the user.

love Shanghai (www2. Baidu. com) for the background, in the "

long tail keywords in the title (Only Title of the best teacher, appeared two times, such as: cup what brand is good? _ tell everybody Mug what brand is good?)

see the long tail word to do good to see the following elements:


For example:

1, brainstorming (established in the understanding of the industry, the long tail word imagined)

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love Shanghai


3. is the number of fully containing long tail keywords in the title search results, is not good to do

Use the

three, the specific practices of long tail keywords station

. How to collect the long tail keywords

other tools (I use the term after



keyword tool".


2. to see how many top-level domain name before 20, many top-level domain would do well.

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1. is included in the amount of more than 1 million basic can give up


long tail word cup this insulation products, we can think out: what brand of mug? Why thermal insulation Cup? The website to sell


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Once at least 1.

two. The degree of competition long tail keywords

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