I love Shanghai given the timeliness of the micro-blog high weight hand is the same as Google worry, micro-blog is to avoid these social media squeezed too many users for bond love Shanghai, on the other hand may be a business cooperation and Tencent, the NetEase of Shanghai love micro-blog website. But no matter how, given micro-blog high content page weight at the same time in Shanghai, we as practitioners of network marketing or webmaster will need to think seriously about this problem, such as the key to our website authentication information on the micro-blog platform, released the latest news and information, comments, increase our site exposure rate, which should become a topic for future research of the webmaster. In this paper, Fanfan Shanghai Longfeng forum 贵族宝贝bbs.fanfan Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please indicate the source.

we know that this information is helpful for the user is more convenient for users to understand, and the real-time information is mostly Tencent micro-blog inside, it can not help but think of it that in May this year when the Sohu micro-blog once popular keywords as long as the Sohu made a micro-blog, will be able to get it good rankings. In my opinion, it is an experimental love Shanghai for micro-blog strongtimeliness do, hope to be able to provide users with more valuable information through micro-blog’s information, but we use these Shanghai Longfeng practitioners. Therefore, in the late love Shanghai reduces the weight of micro-blog Sohu.

some time ago, Google said to adjust the algorithm, and give weight to the site page timeliness good and ranking, some analysts said, in order to avoid Google FACEBOOK those affected by aging and strong adhesion to the user information for Google. Did not expect that recently, when every search related information in Shanghai love to find love for Shanghai time high content page also began to give high weight.

the love of Shanghai to re select the filtering information, mainly from the Tencent, NetEase micro-blog micro-blog to provide users with keywords according to the timeliness of valuable information, and these information providers have a foundation is through V the authentication of users, this is also to some extent to ensure the information content is more value.