optimization is a very magical art at least, so I understand, to use their own knowledge, let every keyword optimization in Shanghai love their home, that kind of sense of achievement can make people addicted to learning! Shanghai Longfeng (search engine optimization) not only let me get the skills but also, I really realized that entering the society must understand a truth, adhere to is victory, to succeed

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when I, twenty-one years old, just graduated from college students. Remember that day morning, a friend of the same dormitory in different classes for the first time I came into contact with the concept of Shanghai dragon. When this is the case, he is in a certain site, using a sub page optimization my name and rank in Shanghai love home first, then let me love Shanghai search my name. When I love Shanghai my name, when he found in making our dormitory all information, the feeling is so surprised that the feeling is so magical! After his explanation, finally know that this is because the role of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, that’s when I of Shanghai dragon, and produce my friend had a keen interest in describing the network promotion, that’s when I and the Shanghai dragon optimization indissoluble bound.

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!Shanghai dragon

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization interest, began to take the initiative to find some online learning materials, and later on to come into contact with several more professional forums, 28 push, push, and of course the most touched me, asked the network. Although the 28 push and push two forum is relatively large, "popularity" is relatively high, but I don’t love the atmosphere inside, no matter what the post will have robbed two floor, what is right, right, learning support, the starting point of view, uniform water paste, and the posts are mostly copy and paste up, what can disrupt the order of things, even if it is fine, very few people can learn knowledge. Of course, all this is not to say that, like Mou Changqing in published articles on the predecessors is worth learning, I have been studying. 28 compared with a push, asked the network forum I stay much longer, because there can be said to be some of the predecessors to really find inside the wise remark of an experienced person! Patience, often can find what they want to learn the knowledge. As before, I don’t know how to structure web site, don’t know how to do not understand how to optimize the site layout, content and keywords and so on, are found inside the predecessors of the society and the. As a senior member of the "Rye" smuggled goods "" anger "written articles are very good taste. Let me ask a little on the forum most nostalgia, here is very humane, you publish a new white problem, there are many seniors will patiently replies to teach you, rather than uniform water paste or despise the novice. Special thanks to the "senior member" and "user name cannot be empty" and "evil Shadow Dragons" several predecessors to teach.

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