Sitemap main user administrator notices that are available for search engine website on the web crawlers.

open sitemap.exe


can automatically set




4, sitemap set the attributes of the file, select the XML format is the default, and then choose to generate file address, if the website data, you can select the GZ format, generally do not open;


1, unzip the folder, as shown in Figure 1 file;

can automatically set the selection, if the page weights have special requirements, you can manually set the complete set.

2, open the sitemap.exe, the new

Sitepmap is not a necessary condition, a website without Sitepmap can do the same, like the tree structure of DZ forum, the default is perfect, there is no Sitepmap map can be, but given to make the website more perfect, to make the search engine more love our website, add Sitepmap to the most beneficial to our website development.

Sitepmap is the most simple form of the XML file, is the most commonly used form. Sitepmap.XML web site lists the URLs and other metadata about each URL (URL of the other important degree of the last update time, change the frequency and relative to the website, etc.) so that search engines can more intelligently crawl the site.

Method of making

3, enter a project name and the corresponding address, for example: Project Name: help network station, website address: 贵族宝贝bbs.zb7贵族宝贝;

set sitemap file attribute


, the 6 menu items inside ==> ==> ==> sets the number of options; ==> the maximum number of threads to modify 200, this figure set according to the actual situation of the computer, I set a maximum of 1000, there is no problem, do not set too small, too slow to generate will often die card.

, I want to say today is the use of Sitepmap.XML tools: Tiger Sitemap generator, you can also love Shanghai download, here is the latest version of tiger Sitemap0.6.2.

enter the project name and address corresponding to