love Shanghai is generally reduced, for the following reasons: such as site poisoning, the server is not stable, friendly, Shanghai dragon website is not cheating, which suggest the webmaster from your website self check, first check your site if there is some illegal information, or Links. Is there some illegal websites, there may even be a malicious attack etc.. Then from the web log or log in the server where the analysis server is down, this should contact the server side; if you love Shanghai right down, included in the site will be reduced, ranking will drop even snapshot.

for the above three points, we also summarize the corresponding solutions:


has a lot of love for a long time Shanghai website was not updated, a week, half a month, a month or even longer is possible, especially in some new! You say they do not update the wrong people, but it is so just passable!

according to me and my friends for many years, some Adsense summary, this issue to analyze the reasons, and discuss the corresponding solutions. What if there is not accurate or lack of place please point out, we can make progress together!

to solve!I have some experience in First, the site was the weight of

second, a long time not updated website content;

, I have a website (sanweishuwu novel) is also like this, not updated snapshot date for nearly a month, so we also study several people after the general discussion, we conclude that this phenomenon is generally caused by the following reasons:

First, the site was the weight of

, second for content updates do not say, the content of a web site must be updated frequently. So how to update? Small business websites, the number of 2 to 5, every day is enough, not too much; content, try to release some news related with your company in the industry, the company is the best news, such as the company’s new products listed, the company has achieved what kind of honor like; of course you can also publish some hot news, false original can, in pseudo original time is best to propagandize the company, such as before a black Chongqing made fast, then you can say XX company to pay tribute to such anti hero, and then the way to introduce a > in the content inside

you know love Shanghai domestic small spider but very diligent, in this respect rather than say they are "bees", diligent tireless. The little spiders crawl on the site every day, but this is not updated snapshot, most of the new Adsense also said some "all at sea", more do not talk to

love Shanghai reduced;


third, website no original content, or similar station content and other sites, but no other high weight website.