1: search engine ranking, keyword before love Shanghai products; (think keywords in the site of the weight of Wikipedia, know products such as the low

: the construction of the chain of time

many people is to link and exchange links, as long as the love of Shanghai, we have included, then change, this situation has occurred, here a few everyone knows the truth, which is worthy of exchange station:

two: exchange links should be gradual and regular

3: the site for more than a year, in the new, stable and have included a certain number.


many people a new line, the first thing is to love Shanghai query search engine is included, if included second things is the beginning of the shouting exchange links. This situation I think we all met. Here I said the construction of the chain of time, we often see many new sites before one or two months is very good, one or two weeks ranked first in second, but after a period of time? To page second and even further afield to, but also how to go home, this is the chain do fast results, love Shanghai for a time you found a strong chain, ranking up, but a look back the chain and the site in the station capacity, time does not match, like a weak body eat tonic, but was dragged down. My suggestion is that a new station on the line after three months, the second point, ranking is relatively stable, also had the love Shanghai assessment period, this time can choose to exchange links, as for how to exchange, in the next step we discuss.


2: the favicon.ico icon in the search results before the love of Shanghai; (high weight station, it is self-evident)

in the station, everyone is talking about the chain for the emperor, in A5, also saw a lot of discussion on the construction of the chain " " " the construction of the chain, I see " my method, we see are the same old stuff, but the content is such a method: and send the chain. There is a blog, BBS signature, blog and so on, how much do not see a novelty. Today this is some of my personal experience, exchange some of the construction of the chain article with the content and we rarely involved: the overall strategy about the construction of the chain.

three: link exchange object

said what a site can exchange links, so we exchange links to pay attention to one thing: step by step. Don’t be a day in exchange for ten, twenty, so the search engine will be suspected of cheating, my method is the first week of a second week, two, and then superimposed to gradually deepened in search engine impression in 11 relatively rampant today, making careless boat million years. At the same time for the next link don’t one-time next ten months, volatility is too large is not a small impact. Here, the object of exchange link, how to find