network, Wangzhuan development road to look forward to, don’t understand an industry, do not forget this industry, who said that,

to see how you should look for a small partner, but should think about what you should become a small partner,

stage 1: the world’s first free money company appeared in June 1997 click class. Put the company’s ads on your home page. If someone clicks on the company’s ads, then you can get a certain amount of dollars. In November of that year, the advertising agencies that offered click class money making services specifically providing click class money making The Mobility Company appeared.

two, the prospects for making money online

more money!

today to see "FaceBook Mafia", 10 years ago, Facebook announced that, after 10 years, the 20 people together to assist Zuckerberg in his own business, among them, some people on a map to get billions of dollars worth, have patience and dedication to work into the evaluation team Facebook. Today let’s count, who joined the Facebook and later break their own piece of heaven and earth entrepreneurs.

story: Facebook, the world’s most famous social networking site, led the Facebook listing, breaking the market value of $100 billion in a day.

Making money on the

currently serves as president of Facebook,

worth: $20 billion

bandits ruled Silicon Valley buddies, PayPal Mafia, you may feel buddies and the strength of a circle of the role.

The development history and Prospect of in November 2009

, according to expert estimates, by 2010, global e-commerce transactions will reach $450 billion. Along with the development of new industry Wangzhuan will have hitherto unknown. Moreover, the future Wangzhuan industry will present new features as follows:

Like attracts like., entrepreneurs always Birds of a feather flock together., a group of entrepreneurs, even together has made a very great company, but also prevent them to create a great company

network is a new way to make money. An emerging e-commerce industry in mainland China is a branch of e-commerce advertising. Online money development has gone through the following stages:

story: Moskovitz is Facebook’s first CTO, and Zuckerberg’s College roommate. The two gave up their studies at Harvard University and moved to California to show up at Facebook. After Facebook came on the market, Moskovitz, 27, became the youngest billionaire in the world to make money on his own. He had a 7.6% stake in Facebook. Post employment, develop Asana team collaboration >

joining Facebook time: 2004

1, Mark Zuckerberg,

one, the history of making money online


third stage: July 1999, broadcast advertising a special kind of advertising software profitable company, as long as the Internet can be run at the same time, it provides software to make money, one hour ranging from $0.40-1.00. In August of the same year, the company that sent and sent e-mail came to e-mail just by sending and receiving the company’s e-mail or by sending the company. From rampant, Wangzhuan companies such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, flowers all over the network.

worth: $6 billion 800 million

, and all this can not be separated from an important fact: the emergence of e-commerce E-Business 80s and the rapid development 90s. E-commerce has become the fastest growing field of Internet applications. Although the electronic commerce activities currently successful basically in the United States Note: Wangzhuan company also basically in the United States, but the developed countries, such as Germany and Japan are also aware of its importance, develop a series of relevant policies. In such an international environment, with China’s accession to WTO and the "direct method" with introduction of e-commerce will gradually be accepted by the public, with the network marketing characteristic "Wangzhuan" will be gradually recognized by people. As early as the late acceptance acceptance, early contact to early money! Let your

2, Dustin Moskovitz

second stage: August 1998, a new type of money making company, introducing members, making money companies also appear. As soon as you become a member, you can get a few dollars immediately, and by introducing friends, you can also deduct a percentage from each other.

1, the company will Wangzhuan more closely, all-round, multi-level cooperation and e-commerce company, make people not only through the registration of e-commerce companies to make money, "

Facebook experience: co founder, as president,

‘s experience after leaving office: as venture capitalists, co founded Asana company

!The last time a summary of

Facebook experience: co founder, served as Facebook CTO CTO post

joining Facebook time: entry in 2004, leaving